Introducing All-New Swapin Product Names For 2023

The Swapin team continues to innovate and strategize for the future. We are proud to reveal that several Swapin products have been rebranded with new names, further aligning with the message of convenience and simplicity across all of our leading crypto-to-fiat services. 

Here is everything you need to know about SwapinGet, SwapinPay, and SwapinCollect (formerly, InstaFill, InstaPay, and CoinCollector).

Why Rebrand Select Swapin Products & Services?

As you may be aware, Swapin began last year with a significant rebranding from PiixPay to Swapin, representing the growing range of crypto-to-fiat products and services and the proliferation of cryptocurrencies globally. 

This year, we are once again refining our marketing messaging and have rebranded our three key products: InstaFill, InstaPay, and CoinCollector. InstaFill has become SwapinGet; InstaPay is now SwapinPay; and CoinCollector has transformed into SwapinCollect. 

The Swapin mission is to connect crypto to the world of daily payments to make spending and using crypto as easy as any other form of money. We also sought to make the names of our products better aligned under the Swapin umbrella and easier to remember and understand.

Introducing: SwapinGet, SwapinPay, and SwapinCollect

SwapinGet allows users to turn their BTC, ETH, USDT, and other coins into EUR or GBP and receive the funds in a personal bank account. The entire process takes no more than a matter of minutes, eliminating the need to manually exchange cryptocurrencies into fiat and move it to your EU bank account. By setting up a convenient SwapinGet wallet address, all it takes is a quick crypto transfer, and you can top up your bank account with fiat.

SwapinPay enables fast payments in EUR or GBP to any EU bank account by sending Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies, which are instantly converted into fiat. It is now easier than ever to use crypto to send money to friends and family, pay bills like rent or insurance, or buy goods online. SwapinPay takes away the volatility risk associated with sending and receiving cryptocurrencies by locking the exchange rate for 30 minutes while the transaction takes place. 

With SwapinCollect, businesses can accept crypto immediately without all the risk, accounting issues, and more. Cryptocurrency transactions cannot be reversed, offering unique business benefits such as no chargebacks. A rapidly-growing audience is now within reach, with no fees ever charged to the business, as customers cover the costs when they use cryptocurrencies to pay for goods, services, and more using a custom payment link. Contact Swapin sales to access SwapinCollect and other business tools.

Stick With Swapin For More Future Updates

These essential Swapin services will be updated within the Swapin app in the coming days. Please stay tuned to the official Swapin blog for more updates and information. You can also follow Swapin on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, or LinkedIn. Be sure to try the Swapin app today!

Swapin Adds GBP Currency Support To B2C Solutions

When we announced the Swapin company roadmap for 2022 and 2023, we set our sights first on enabling support for GBP in addition to EUR. Other important forward-looking milestones from the roadmap include the debut of InstaBuy, new crypto asset support, and a virtual IBAN implementation. 

We are proud to reveal that GBP support is now live across all Swapin B2C products and services. 

The Swapin Guide To All-New GBP Support

Starting today, Swapin users can specify between receiving and sending EUR or GBP when using either InstaPay or InstaFill. GBP support will also be available for InstaBuy when the new tool for instant crypto purchase launches later this year. 

Selecting between EUR or GBP settlement will update the exchange rate calculation to reflect the chosen fiat currency. Each type of fiat currency is also noted in the Swapin account history. 

When using SwapinPay, the receiver you specify can now receive GBP or EUR — depending on the situation or need. If you rely on SwapinGet to top up an account with cash, you now have the choice between GBP and EUR. 

Stay Tuned To Swapin Updates And Learn More

Be sure to stay connected to the Swapin blog for more updates on upcoming Swapin roadmap milestones. You can also follow Swapin on Facebook, Twitter or on LinkedIn.

Check out the Swapin app and make your first move today to access the future of finance. Swapin is a pioneer in crypto-to-fiat solutions, catering to both B2C and B2B segments with a wide range of proprietary products and services. Click here for more information about Swapin or to join the Swapin team!

New Swapin App Released, Enhanced Convenience For Corporate Clients

When Swapin revealed its updated development roadmap several weeks ago, among the many milestones we have planned in the months ahead, we anticipated releasing an application update before the end of Q2.

We are proud to reveal that the new app update is now live, improving the entire user experience and interface as a whole, with an added focus on enhancing the convenience for corporate and business clients during onboarding.

New App Design Now Live, Redesigned User Interface

The Swapin app has received a visual redesign to better align with the recent rebranding from Piixpay to Swapin and to best reflect our ambitious company roadmap. The user interface and experience have been thoroughly upgraded for increased usability and simplicity. Great care has gone into making the experience smoother for all users.

The Swapin app is the gateway to our lineup of innovative B2B and B2C services, making it a critical focus of our development teams. Further app updates and improvements are planned for the future. 

B2B solutions include the SwapinCheckout e-commerce widget and SwapinCollect – a tool that allows invoice-based businesses to issue a payment link with payment information pre-filled for ease of use. Connecting to the crypto audience is proven lucrative for luxury brands or companies dealing with high-price assets like real estate, cars, or gold.

B2C solutions include SwapinPay and SwapinGet, enabling users to make recurring, predefined payments, pay bills, rent, utilities, and more, or send one-off payments to landlords or service providers. Such services can also be used to pay employee salaries or daily corporate expenses.

Improved Business Onboarding Process Benefits Corporate Clients

Prior to the latest app update, opening a business account with Swapin required an active email exchange with an account representative, causing unnecessary delays and back and forth conversations. The new Swapin app now features an easy-to-use online form for opening business accounts, making the onboarding process quick and straightforward. 

At the convenience of the business, users can access an online form and complete the required AML/KYC process and any associated account verification steps. After the account is verified and the onboarding process is completed, business users can instantly take advantage of Swapin B2B and B2C crypto-to-fiat payment tools.

Businesses benefit from avoiding the overhead and risk related to accepting cryptocurrencies. Volatility, compliance, and more are all handled safely by licensed Swapin tools. Any crypto payments made using the B2B solutions offered by Swapin are immediately converted to EUR and transferred to a connected IBAN account.

Current Swapin business partners include real estate company RE/MAX, investment firm Aufort Gold, luxury diamond retailer E-Jewels, and many more. Visit to learn more how Swapin B2B and B2C solutions can benefit your business.

Try The New App And Follow Official Swapin Channels

The new Swapin app is now live on the official website. Both individuals and businesses are invited to check it out. We hope business and corporate clients find the new online form system valuable and convenient.

Stick with the official Swapin blog for more details on exclusive Swapin B2B and B2C solutions, as well as announcements of any new partnerships in the future. You can also follow Swapin on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or on LinkedIn.

Be sure also to try Swapin and make your first deposit today and access the future of finance. Swapin is a pioneer in crypto-to-payment solutions, catering to both B2C and B2B segments with a wide range of proprietary products and services. Click here for more information about Swapin or to join the Swapin team!

Swapin Completes Successful Funding Round, Kicks Off European Expansion

We are proud to announce the successful completion of our funding round. The stage, which privately opened in December 2021, has been closed at the €1.68M mark. 

The funding round has attracted several world-renowned investors from venture funds and adjacent industries who have joined Swapin as advisors.

Swapin Onboards New Advisors Following Funding Round

Our updated business model convinced thought leaders such as Estonian tech visionary Taavi Kotka, former Plumbr CEO Ivo Mägi, EveryPay founder Kristjan Novitski, and Covesting founder Dmitrij Pruglo to join us in our new vision. 

Combining their collective expertise with the substantial experience gained by our team from years of successfully launching and running PiixPay products, Swapin is definitely headed towards an undoubtedly bright future.

“Swapin is a product that has the real opportunity to introduce a new standard for bridging digital currencies with the world of traditional finance,” commented Dmitrij Pruglo, regarding his decision to take part in future Swapin development. 

With their proven business model reflected in an already successful solution, as well as their complete compliance with EU regulation, it’s already about to conquer the European market. I’m glad to be here to provide an impetus for this project,” Pruglo added.

€1.68M In Raised Funds Accelerates The Swapin Roadmap

The raised funds will boost Swapin’s further development, as our team has outlined several ambitious goals––from both the product as well as the marketing perspective––to be reached during 2022.

We are looking forward to extending the current product lineup. At the moment, Swapin offers a wide range of crypto-to-fiat solutions geared toward both individuals and businesses including SwapinCollect and SwapinCheckout. In the very near future, this list will be complemented by a crypto-purchasing option called SwapinBuy.

In addition, we are working on enhancing Swapin’s capabilities in the legal and compliance fields. As such, we are aiming to acquire an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license by the end of the year. 

Another significant feature our team is working on is a virtual IBAN implementation, which will additionally bolster our crypto-to-fiat solutions for merchants and individuals.

Massive Marketing Campaign Planned For Key European Markets

From the marketing point of view, Swapin also has significant objectives. The ongoing year will commemorate a massive expansion in the European (EU) market. This is to be achieved via website localization and a multilingual mobile app release. 

An onslaught of exciting marketing activities is also on the menu, with a greater focus on key regions like Germany, France, and Nordic countries.

Evald-Hannes Kree, Swapin CEO, expressed gratitude to the early investors and assured them that the team could meet their reasonably high expectations. “We are proud to gain genuine support among respected projects and industry leaders,” Kree said.

“I can’t wait to see our project in one year’s time once all the plans we have today have been put into action. There is no doubt that as a project, Swapin has everything needed to succeed with all milestones that lie ahead,” Kree concluded.

Stay Tuned To Swapin Official Channels

Future Swapin roadmap milestones and updates will be detailed on the Swapin blog

Be sure also to follow the official Swapin Twitter account to stay on top of our latest news, updates, and more. You can also find us on Facebook and Telegram

Let’s keep on Swapin! 

We are Now Swapin!

Today, we’re changing our name from PiixPay to Swapin.

This is not just a new brand name, it’s also an entirely updated vision of the importance of bridging crypto and traditional finance.

Swapin is a direct reflection of the core mission of any product under our name. Being able to connect fiat and digital funds and make them more convertible by instantly swapping one into the other with no annoying boundaries or limits – this is all that our products are about. 

With our experienced team, investor support, and, most importantly, thousands of satisfied clients – it seems Swapin has everything it needs to confidently take a step forward!

Let’s bridge the gap together

These days, the crypto industry welcomes millions of new adopters yearly. They, just like industry veterans, need a smooth and reliable option to utilize their digital funds as a payment option with no hassle. 

At the same time, dozens of businesses aim to expand their client audience. The consistent lack of a convenient solution to do so is a significant hindrance that stunts their further growth. 

Swapin is here to build a solid bridge between digital assets and the world of traditional finance. We offer seamless crypto-fiat processing solutions for businesses and individuals globally that make spending and accepting crypto easier and more intuitive!

What’s next

For customers, not too much will change. Our logo has changed, along with the website design. You can still access your exact same account using your current email and password – but now via You won’t need a new account. In a few weeks, we will start to redirect to

The main Swapin user experience will soon become even faster and more convenient than before. The core functionality and features remain the same, while we are tirelessly working on new tools and products that are expected to be released later this year. 

We’re pleased that thousands of you already rely on us to help eliminate the gap between crypto and banks, and we are grateful for your continuous support and feedback that helps us move forward.

Sign up for your personal Swapin account today and start accepting and spending crypto in a smarter way. Follow our official Twitter account and stay tuned for more updates!

PiixPay to Support Binance Customers with Crypto-to-Euro Withdrawals

Dear Customers,

We at PiixPay always strive to deliver the fastest, most convenient, and most reliable services for the crypto community. Due to the recent regulatory crackdown that occurred with Binance’s European payment provider, we’d like to support all crypto enthusiasts in this region with a stable crypto-to-EURO gateway.

As the EU clients of the leading crypto exchange might face inconveniences with SEPA bank transfer suspension, we’re here to provide you with reliable infrastructure for the crypto-to-IBAN cashout option. You’re welcome to take advantage of low fees and fast exchange for the following pairs:






The payout process with PiixPay is easy as you like! To initiate the crypto-to-Euro withdrawal, specify your name, IBAN, and the amount in EURO you want to get. In the following step, you’ll be provided with the address to transfer the selected cryptocurrency. Once the transaction appears in the blockchain, you’ll receive funds on your IBAN. That’s it!

The progressive discount program launched back this June will add extra benefits for users searching for the best crypto-to-Euro exchange rates. The recent implementation of SEPA Instant transfers to PiixPay will definitely impress you with the rapidity of the exchange process. 

Try it out!

Yours truly,

PiixPay Team

PiixPay Gives Gifts

Dear PiixPay Community,

This month we don’t have any significant reason to celebrate apart from the one that drives us to work hard on our product day by day. Of course, we mean your trust and convenience – probably, the most delightful reward for our efforts.

That is why we want to thank you for using PiixPay and commit ourselves to build further the financial service that you think of first when it comes to crypto-to-fiat payouts.

In the upcoming months, we will share some new amazing prospects with you, but for now, we want to say “Thank You!”

Here are the simple steps to enter the Giveaway: 

1. Open the Gleam form

2. Make sure you are subscribed to our Twitter 

3. Share the Giveaway tweet

That’s it! Five lucky winners will receive their money gifts to their USDT wallets. Don’t miss your chance to join their list!.

Piixpay Celebrates 4-year Anniversary of First Crypto Real Estate Sale

This month Piixpay celebrates the 4th Anniversary of the first real estate item purchased using its services. It was already far 2017, and the industry landscape was different both within crypto and the property.

The latter used to be far away from the booming crypto, as agencies and average clients either didn’t know how beneficial bitcoin transactions could be or didn’t trust enough in promising but yet not matured blockchain-tech. 

Nevertheless, the first heralds of the upcoming changes were already noticeable, so the Piixpay client has paid for her Spanish apartment with crypto. Those were the early days for the crypto break-in to the prime real estate industry, and every single case was an occasion worth highlighting by the press. And so every single one was a kind of a scoop. 

For instance, the Ukrainian apartment bought by TechCrunch co-founder Mark Ginsburg via Ether-based smart contracts was covered by no less than Newsweek, where it was publicly claimed to be the first-ever real estate purchased with cryptos. We in Piixpay have one or two reasons to dispute their primacy, though. 

The following four years have completely turned the tables, so our days, the real estate industry has gone far on the way of blockchain adoption. The market is literally filled with niche startups, including ones really keeping in the public eye like Propy, Ubitquity, and some others. The client demand in paying with crypto is immensely high, and it is still growing. 

The Piixpay team and its service see no way to stand by, especially whilst holding a pioneering honor in this direction. This April shapes up to be fulfilled with amazing news, including the one we can already shed light on. 

As a follow-up to the trend set in 2017, the Piixpay team is glad to provide the local Estonian real estate brokers with access to dealing in crypto. Follow Piixpay in order not to miss the upcoming updates on the topic.

Flash Payments – SEPA Instant is here!

Hey Peeps! 
We are kicking off 2021 with a bang!
And here’s the news – Your payments will be settled 5x faster!

But how?

As soon we received a confirmation from the blockchain – you or your recipients get EURO immediately. 

This is brought by the implementation of SEPA Instant settlements aka “Flash Payments” and we bet some of you already noticed it 😉

Please keep in mind that we still depend on working hours: 9 to 5 CET, Monday – Friday.

All the best and let’s get this 2021 speed up!

Try it out: http://

Piixpay Team

Upcoming Bank Holidays

Dear customers,

Please note that there are Bank Holidays, so kindly suggesting to make your payments beforehand.

Bank Holidays as follows:

SEPA and UK Bank holidays:
          25th December 2020 – Christmas Day
          26th December 2020 – Christmas Holiday
          28th December 2020 – Boxing Day (substitute day)
          1st January 2021 – New Year’s Day
Payments made on the following dates will be processed until  1PM (UTC+2)
          24th December 2020 – Christmas Eve
          31st December 2020 – New Year’s Eve

Once again, we are wishing you Merry Christmas and a Successful 2021! 


Piixpay Team