Ultra-fast payments between crypto and banks

Licensed and engineered in the EU

  • Get the most out of your crypto: buy, sell, or pay with crypto in minutes
  • Buy cryptocurrencies with a Named IBAN
  • Accept crypto payments or integrate crypto buying and selling for your users. Go to Business

Licensed and engineered in the EU

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Mastercard people's choice award We are a part of Mastercard Lighthouse Finitiv Republic of Estonia - Financial Intelligence Unit EU flag

Why choose Swapin?

36 SEPA countries

supported for payments in EUR

10+ TOP

crypto currencies supported


95% of Swapin’s transactions are processed in 5 minutes or less

Buy crypto in your name

with a Named IBAN

High volumes supported

From €5 up to €10M


As a non-custodial provider, Swapin doesn’t hold your funds

7+ years

in the fintech industry


Operating under the license FVT000088

Buy crypto with EUR within minutes

Buy crypto with EUR in minutes

  • Buy as much as you need – we support high transaction volumes
  • Receive your crypto directly in any Metamask, Trust, or other crypto wallet
  • As a non-custodial solution, Swapin never holds your funds
  • Enjoy the convenience of a Named IBAN for smooth transactions

Sell crypto to your bank account

  • Withdraw crypto to bank with fast and easy crypto-to-bank transactions directly from your wallet
  • Convert the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and USDC, to EUR in your bank account within minutes
  • Enjoy a secure non-custodial solution that doesn’t hold your funds
Receiving payment through SwapinGet
Pay any bill with crypto or send money to your friends and family with SwapinPay

Pay invoices with crypto and transfer money to any SEPA bank account

  • Settle any EUR invoice with Bitcoin, Ether, USDT, or other cryptocurrency
  • Use crypto to send money to friends, family, or any SEPA bank account
  • Know that the recipient will receive exactly the amount of money as planned, with rates locked for 30 minutes

Crypto payment solutions for businesses

  • Buy and sell crypto as a business or pay EUR invoices and salaries with cryptocurrencies
  • Integrate crypto on- and off-ramp solutions into your platform with SwapinWidget
  • Accept crypto payments and receive fiat on your bank account with SwapinCollect
Connecting crypto and banks for your business
Send money from your Web3 wallet to any SEPA bank account

Withdraw crypto from your wallet to SEPA bank account

  • Swapin establishes a secure encrypted connection to your crypto wallet
  • Use Wallet Connect or make the transfer manually — the choice is yours
  • Confirm transactions easily from your wallet with just a few clicks

Wallets supported for wallet connect

Trusted by hundreds of customers