Introducing Swapin’s Team: Where Passion Meets Innovation

February 14, 2024
Meet Swapin Team

At Swapin, we’re not just another fintech company. Swapin’s team is a group of crypto enthusiasts whose passion for web3 and blockchain isn’t just about technology – it’s about bringing simplicity and ease to everyday financial transactions, for both individuals and businesses. 

Our team is the driving force behind Swapin’s innovative solutions that you use, and we want you to get to know us better. So, let’s dive into the personal insights and forward-looking perspectives of some of our team members.

Visionary Leadership

Evald-Hannes Kree – CEO, Founder

As our CEO and Founder, Evald-Hannes isn’t just an expert with more than a decade in fintech and e-commerce; he’s been a blockchain believer since the days of hobbyist mining in 2013.

His motto in life? To innovate, inspire, and drive society forward.

His vision for Swapin in 2024 and beyond? To see Swapin at the forefront of web3 adoption, crafting solutions that evolve the industry and help shape a future where digital currencies are as accessible and easy to use as traditional currencies.

Technical Innovation

Joonas Honga – Chief Technical Officer

Our CTO, Joonas, is the mind behind Swapin’s technical advancements. With 15 years of engineering complex software solutions, he’s excited about the potential of SwapinWidget and SwapinBuy, and Swapin’s role in the broader industry’s shift towards real-life blockchain applications.

His motto in life? To always move forward while trying to make a difference every day and be a role model for his kids.

What’s his prediction for the crypto industry? Joonas believes a big part of the upcoming bull run will be the Spot ETFs and gaming industry, with growing volumes and interest in cross-border stablecoin payments.

Product Excellence

Edward Rebane – Chief Product Officer

Edward, our CPO, brings a rich background in software development and product management in startups to the table. He’s all about trusting the process, being patient, and believes that taking a step-by-step approach is vital for success.

What excites him most about Swapin’s direction? He believes that Swapin is in an excellent position to make a significant step forward in 2024 with a solid foundation that’s been built and step-by-step the pieces are starting to come together.

What’s his outlook for the crypto industry? That adoption will rise significantly in the upcoming years thanks to growing institutional interest.

Sales and Business Development

Dmitry Pustovalov – Head of Sales

With a knack of forging over 150 integrations in the crypto space and a remarkable track record of more than 5 years in the field, Dmitry leads Swapin’s sales team.

His motto in life? Don’t wait for the world to be better, start with yourself.

What excites him most about Swapin’s direction in 2024 and beyond? A chance to unfold Swapin’s business potential to its fullest, an opportunity to discover and execute new partnerships, overcome awaiting challenges, and make the best out of every possible outcome.

What’s his personal prediction for the crypto industry in 2024? Dmitry believes increasing regulation will provide a more stable environment and a level of playing field for the participants, encouraging institutional investments and drawing in more conservative parties of the financial market. BTC ETF approval will serve as a crucial factor for driving adoption alongside the DeFi development. Finally, yet importantly, integrations of blockchain and crypto technologies into existing financial and technological infrastructures could lead to new use cases and increased utility, driving growth.

Mike Tiffin – Sales & Business Development Manager

Mike’s decade in sales and business development with a focus on fostering the growth of Fintech and Regtech startups, brings expertise and a track record of building partnerships.

His motto in life? Find the funny side even when the going gets tough and your back is against the wall; if you keep a sense of humour you will get through it.

What excites him most about Swapin’s direction? Making it very simple for users to on- and off-ramp crypto with ease, showing how easy it is to use crypto and gaining trust in the industry.

What’s his personal prediction for the crypto industry in 2024? Growing steadily, getting the interest back. He believes stablecoins are particularly useful and hopes to see more businesses using them as a means of payment.

Marketing and Community

Mia Belle Trisna – Marketing

Mia, in charge of our marketing, brings a strong background in community and social media management, driving digital growth, and building brand awareness.

Her motto in life? Everything happens for a reason and at the right time, even though it may not make sense now, in the end it’s for your ultimate good, so let go of the doubt and fear, and focus on the present and doing your best every day.

What excites her most about Swapin? The opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. We’re not just talking about technology here; we’re talking about empowering individuals and businesses to use crypto in their daily life and financial operations in a way that’s easy and secure.

What is her personal outlook for the crypto industry in 2024? Mia sees it continuing to grow and evolve, but in a more mature and stable way. At the same time, she believes we’ll see even more innovation, as entrepreneurs and developers find new ways to use blockchain technology in daily life applications.

Regulatory Compliance and Financial Expertise

Julia Tarmisto – AML & Legal

With a decade in the EU banking and fintech sector and an LLM background, Julia ensures Swapin’s compliance with all regulations.

Her motto in life? Nothing is impossible, everything comes down to attitude and mindset.

What excites her most about Swapin’s direction in 2024 and beyond? A rapidly changing business environment and new exciting challenges.

Marge Simo – Finance Specialist

Marge’s 20+ years as a financial manager and project consultant, including roles as CFO, makes her a valuable asset in managing Swapin’s financial resources.

Her motto in life? Life is the best time for living.

What excites her most about Swapin’s direction? Marge feels it will be very exciting to see how Swapin’s new products take off and how successful the integrations will be.

And many more brilliant team members who are working hard behind-the-scenes for you. Additionally, Swapin also benefits from the wisdom of our advisors.

Swapin’s Advisors

  • Dimitrij Pruglo – Founder and CEO of Covesting, tech investor, with previous experience at Saxo Bank and SEB bank.
  • Marek Pärtel – Co-Founder and CEO of Estateguru, a FinTech speaker, angel investor, and freedom advocate.
  • Toomas Römer – Ex ZeroTurnaround CTO, Co-Founder, VP of Engineering at Bolt, and angel investor.
  • Ian Kalla – CXO at Bankish, specializing in BaaS and Core solutions architecture.
  • Jaan Lainurm – Ex Yolo Investments Board Member and Portfolio Manager for over 5 years experience from seed to series A startups in fintech, crypto, gambling and sports betting industry.
  • Urmas Kamdron – 20+ years as sales and marketing lead at, Icefire, and Oracle.

With a talented and diverse team, Swapin is dedicated to pioneering payment solutions between crypto and banks, bridging Web3 and Web2 worlds, and making crypto transactions easier and smoother to everyone.

Pushing the Boundaries Together

We are more than just a company; we’re a group of innovators, dreamers, and doers united by a shared passion for advancing the world of fintech and crypto. We remain dedicated to our mission of simplifying payments between crypto and banks for everyone, so join us as we push the boundaries of innovation, forging a path towards a future where using digital currencies is as easy as traditional banking.

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