Swapin’s Dedicated IBANs: Available for Businesses and Individuals in EEA and Switzerland

August 1, 2023
Dedicated IBANs now available for businesses and individuals in EEA, UK, Switzerland

We are excited to introduce a groundbreaking update to Swapin’s solutions that will revolutionize your crypto-to-fiat payments experience. Our latest game-changing feature, Dedicated IBANs, is now available for both our business and individual customers in the European Economic Area (EEA) as well as Switzerland.

With our Dedicated IBANs feature, you will be able to make cryptocurrency to EUR or GBP payouts into bank accounts on behalf of your name or your business’ name. This product update was first launched only to our individual customers in the European Economic Area (EEA), from which we have heard good feedback and seen great improvements in user experience. This goes to show that Dedicated IBANs enable smooth and easy crypto-to-bank transactions, offering you the convenience of more crypto-friendly transactions and giving you more peace of mind.

“Feedback from our customers is the basis for planning Swapin’s product roadmap. I am more than happy that we launched this innovative update, Dedicated IBANs for payouts, now available for all our individual and business customers in the EEA and Switzerland. We understand the challenges and complexities our customers face when navigating the world of crypto payouts. With Dedicated IBANs, we simplify the crypto-to-fiat experience for all of our users by helping them to make payments on behalf of their names or business names.”

Evald-Hannes Kree, CEO at Swapin

For Businesses: Enhance Your Operations with Swapin’s Dedicated IBANs

Swapin’s Dedicated IBANs offer a game-changing solution for businesses. This innovative feature allows your company to effortlessly handle crypto-to-fiat transactions by making payments directly on behalf of your business’ name. Whether it’s paying invoices, converting crypto to fiat, handling salary payments, or settling invoices directly on behalf of your business’ name, Swapin’s Dedicated IBAN for payouts streamlines your business operations, simplifies accounting, and eliminates intermediaries on bank statements. This results in smoother financial operations as well as better efficiency when dealing with crypto-to-fiat transactions.

Benefits for Businesses

By utilizing Swapin’s Dedicated IBANs solution, you can optimize your business operations and enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  1. Salary Payments Simplified: Make salary payments to your employees directly from your business name. Send the payslip in your cryptocurrency of choice, and your employees receive fiat currency, whether EUR or GBP, in their bank account. With Swapin’s Dedicated IBANs, there are no intermediaries in bank account statements, ensuring direct and efficient payments. 
  1. Paying for Business Expenses and Invoices with Crypto: Settle business expenses and invoices with your partners or service providers easily using SwapinPay. The payment process is simplified as the funds will be coming to the recipient’s bank account on behalf of your business’ name thanks to Swapin’s Dedicated IBAN.
  1. Withdrawing Crypto to Bank in Your Name: Enjoy the convenience of withdrawing cryptocurrencies from your crypto wallet to your business bank account directly in your business’ name using our SwapinGet solution. 
  1. Seamless Payments for Merchants: With Swapin’s Dedicated IBANs, there are no intermediaries in the bank statements when performing cryptocurrency to bank transactions, making it easier for merchants to manage their finances by paying for products directly in their business name.
  1. Accounting and Auditing Made Easy: Conduct all your crypto-to-fiat transactions directly through your business name with Swapin’s Dedicated IBANs. Simplify your accounting and auditing processes, ensuring a seamless flow of financial transactions.

For Individuals: Make Crypto-to-Bank Payments in Your Name

Individual customers can also experience the convenience of Swapin’s Dedicated IBANs for payouts feature. With our innovative product update, you can now enjoy multiple benefits. You will be able to withdraw crypto to EUR or GBP into your bank account in a simple transaction in your name with SwapinGet. You can also send crypto to your or any other bank account and pay any EUR or GBP invoice using cryptocurrencies, with the receiver getting money into their bank account in your name through SwapinPay. This update overcomes concerns for your crypto transactions, as all payouts are executed in your name, providing you with a hassle-free way to handle your crypto-to-fiat payments.

Swapin’s Dedicated IBANs: Easy and Simple

We’ve made it incredibly simple for businesses and individuals to access this innovative update. You do not need to opt in, as Dedicated IBANs are offered by default. This feature is available for our customers in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. Individual customers require Basic or Full verification level, while our business customers must follow our KYB (Know Your Business) verification process.

Please be aware that Dedicated IBANs are specifically for crypto-to-fiat payments initiated through Swapin only and cannot be used for other types of transactions.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Dedicated IBANs?

Individual customers can get started with Swapin’s Dedicated IBANs today, or businesses seeking further information can schedule a call with Mike, our Business Development Manager. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to simplify and optimize your crypto-to-fiat transactions by embracing the power of Dedicated IBANs!

At Swapin, we actively commit to empowering our customers with innovative solutions for their crypto-to-bank transactions. Stay tuned for more updates and product developments as we continue to enhance our services to meet the evolving needs of businesses and individuals.

Swapin’s support team is always here to assist you. Should you have any questions or require further information, feel free to reach out to us.

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