Boost Your Business with Swapin Crypto-to-Fiat Solutions

  • Pay any EUR or GBP bill with crypto using SwapinPay, an ultra-fast payment between crypto and EU banks
  • Accept payments in Bitcoin, Ether, USDC and other crypto — receive funds directly to your bank account with SwapinCollect
  • Exchange crypto and get EUR or GBP for your business in your bank account in minutes with SwapinGet

Licensed and engineered in the EU

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Why Swapin?

Safe and reliable

Swapin is a licensed services provider. We offer innovative solutions to our business customers under the strict supervision of European regulators. License nr. FVT000088

No crypto risk

All crypto payments can be immediately converted and settled directly into your bank account in EUR or GBP, without any crypto accounting issues or price volatility risks.

Personalized service

New to crypto? Confused with tech? No worries — our dedicated business account managers are here to assist you with setup and any question you might have along the way.

Pay any EUR or GBP bill with crypto using SwapinPay

SwapinPay feature allows you to pay any EUR or GBP bill with crypto in a matter of minutes. Use it to pay your suppliers and partners or to send transfers to any EU bank account. Pay salary with crypto and employees will get EUR or GBP to their bank accounts.

Pay any EUR or GBP bill with crypto using SwapinPay

Access the $1 trillion+ crypto market and take your business to a whole new level

Get all your questions answered by our sales team

Let your customers pay with Bitcoin, Ether, USDC etc.

Let your customers pay with Bitcoin, Ether, USDC etc using SwapinCollect.

Grow your sales as a merchant by accepting crypto with a SwapinCollect payment link. You will always receive the exact invoiced amount in EUR or GBP, even if the customer paid in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Contact the Swapin Sales Team to start accepting crypto, it's free to sign up.

How SwapinCollect works?



You add a payment link to your website, invoice, or send it by email



Customer pays the invoice in crypto at a fixed exchange rate



Swapin converts the received crypto and instantly sends it to your provided bank account

Exchange crypto and get EUR or GBP for your business with SwapinGet

SwapinGet feature allows you to connect your Swapin crypto wallet address and a EU bank account. Every time the wallet receives crypto, Swapin will instantly exchange the coins and send the funds using the provided bank account details.

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“Thanks to Swapin, we are now able to sell property for Bitcoin, Ether, USDC and other crypto. This feature significantly improved our competitive edge and expanded our reach to new audiences”
Ruslan Gulida
Ruslan Gulida
SwapinPay works as an instant converter that allows companies to pay salaries, partners, and even service providers in digital assets, while euros are delivered to the IBAN account of the receiving party.”
Frank Fitzgerald
Frank Fitzgerald
SwapinCollect is a game-changing feature that can be utilized for almost any type of business. No matter what your services are, there's a big chance you could boost your sales by becoming the first to accept crypto or to simply offer your intermediary services to other existing businesses, as I did.”
Private Enterpreneur
“With the E-com widget, my website visitors can pay using crypto such as Bitcoin, Ether, and more. Once the customer sends crypto - the merchant immediately receives the required amount of euros directly to their corporate bank account without any accounting complications!”
Bert Ken Raudberg
Bert Ken Raudberg