Accept get paid in EUR or GBP

Licensed and engineered in the EU

  • Let your customers pay in crypto and get your local currency in your bank account
  • Increase revenue by getting access to selling to 320M crypto owners
  • Create a simple SwapinCollect link to start accepting crypto, no integration needed

Licensed and engineered in the EU

Mastercard people's choice award We are a part of Mastercard Lighthouse Finitiv Republic of Estonia - Financial Intelligence Unit EU flag
Mastercard people's choice award We are a part of Mastercard Lighthouse Finitiv Republic of Estonia - Financial Intelligence Unit EU flag

Why businesses choose SwapinCollect?

Sell goods online and offline

All payments are settled directly to your bank account in EUR or GBP

Fast payouts

Real-time payouts to your SEPA bank account. 95% of transactions are completed in less than 5 mins.

No accounting issues

We lock the rate when your customer pays in crypto, so you will always get the exact invoiced amount in EUR or GBP

EU-licensed provider

We are a European regulated VASP which means that all transactions are always executed in line with laws and regulations

Any wallet

We support the most popular cryptocurrency wallets

Top cryptocurrencies

Customers may choose from a variety of supported coins when making the payment

No chargebacks

Crypto payments can not be reversed

Personalized support

Our team of business consultants will be there to assist you on any question you might have

How it works

Register with Swapin

Sign-up as a business customer and provide information about your company. Our team members will support you on every step.

Set up a SwapinCollect link

Provide your company's bank details, and a logo to receive a custom payment link for your clients.

Share SwapinCollect link with customers

Once your clients pay in crypto, we will instantly exchange it and send the exact invoiced amount to your bank account in EUR or GBP.

Zero fees for the business

  • Customer pays all related fees, Swapin fees start from 0.8%
  • Rates are locked for 30 mins
  • Your business will get the exact amount of money as planned
Zero fees for the business

Already have your SwapinCollect link?
It’s time to distribute it!

  • Include your SwapinCollect payment link in every invoice you issue.
  • Notify your customers about this exciting payment option on your website, through email, and on social media.
  • Utilize Swapin's ready-to-go templates for seamless promotion across all your channels.
SwapinCollect Marketing kit

What Swapin partners are saying

“Cryptocurrencies can still cause difficulties, as they result in additional manual work for our accountant. However, SwapinCollect has proven to be an excellent solution for our company, bringing together the benefits of both worlds and being future-proof. We appreciate the flexibility and ease of use it offers.”
Loïc Arnould
Loïc Arnould
Founder, Onestepcloser Digital Agency
“Using SwapinCollect for the past year has greatly simplified my life. Those who deal with cryptocurrencies understand how difficult it can be to withdraw fiat, but not with Swapin. They have been highly responsive to all my inquiries and provided support every step of the way as I established my business with them. I highly recommend them.”
Konstantin Dinev
Konstantin Dinev
CEO, Wiener Games Studio
“The primary goal for me is to enable my customers to pay for my services in the same currency they earn from using them. Naturally, I would like to attract more customers, but I still appear to struggle with addressing the pain point that my target audience experiences with cryptocurrency payments. So far, the feedback I have received about SwapinCollect has been positive, with people saying "This is great, I'll register my company too!".”
Sebastian Heyden
Sebastian Heyden
Co-founder, StakeSquid


To start accepting crypto payments new business accounts need to complete their KYB and set up their SwapinCollect link.

To complete the KYB verification you need to provide:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Registry card of the company
  • Information about the company's activity
  • The details of the person who represents the company
  • The information of actual owners & shareholders of the company

To set up your SwapinCollect link you need to:

  • Provide your company's bank details
  • Customize the customer payments page with your logo

Setting up a new account typically takes 1 business day, including the time for reviewing documents provided during KYB. Once KYB is completed and your business account is verified, it takes minutes to set up your SwapinCollect link and to start accepting crypto as a business.

You need to provide your SwapinCollect link to a customer with an invoice. The next steps for your customer will be:

  1. The customer gets an invoice and a SwapinCollect payment link.
  2. The customer opens their crypto wallet and sends crypto to the Swapin address. Rates are locked for 30 mins. Your company will get the exact amount of money as planned.
  3. Swapin will exchange the crypto and send it to your bank account in minutes.

According to legal requirements, Swapin needs to get information about the payer for each transaction. This data will be filled on a SwapinCollect transaction page.

Private customers (payers) need to provide:

  • Contact email
  • Full name
  • Document type and number
  • Date of birth and country of birth
  • Address

Business customers (payers) need to provide:

  • Company contact email
  • Company name
  • Registration number
  • Address

Swapin provides real-time payouts. It means you will get fiat in your bank account instantly in most cases. If your bank account doesn't support instant SEPA payments, typically you'll get a payment the next business day.

Yes, you will see a report with all SwapinCollect transactions in your dashboard and you'll be able to download it as a file.

Right now your customer (buyer) pays all fees during a transaction. We are considering adding other options in the future, e.g. a merchant can pay all fees. Contact [email protected] for individual offers.

Yes, it is possible to get individual SwapinCollect fees for your business. If your monthly transaction volume is over 250K EUR, contact [email protected] to get an individual offer.