JHELY x Swapin Case Study: Integrating Crypto-to-Fiat Payments for Business Success

June 16, 2023
Jhely c Swapin Case Study

In the rapidly progressing world of digital payments, finding efficient solutions can be a challenge for businesses. For JHELY, a renowned group specializing in real estate, travel, and fintech/digital products across Latin America and Europe, the search for a smooth crypto-to-fiat payments provider led them to Swapin. In this case study, we explore how JHELY overcame their pain points and optimized their transactions through Swapin’s solutions. 

The Challenge: Bridging the Gap between Fiat and Crypto

Being an EU-registered company, JHELY primarily dealt with fiat payments for ease of accounting. However, they encountered a challenge when clients expressed a desire to pay in cryptocurrencies. Wanting to avoid the complexities of handling crypto themselves, JHELY sought a dependable solution for their customers. That led them to Swapin, a trusted partner providing businesses with crypto-to-fiat payment solutions.

The Solution: Facilitating Easy Crypto-to-Fiat Payments

Thanks to Swapin, JHELY is now able to facilitate seamless crypto-to-fiat transactions. SwapinCollect is their go-to solution for effortlessly accepting crypto payments from clients and receiving EUR directly to their bank account. Additionally, SwapinPay is helping JHELY to pay EUR invoices with crypto to some of their providers. Occasionally JHELY also uses SwapinGet to convert their crypto assets into fiat.

JHELY’s Experience with Swapin: A Smooth and Reliable Solution

Here are some key highlights from JHELY’s experience with Swapin:

  • Minimal Customer Support Needs: Swapin’s user-friendly interface and smooth services have eliminated the need for customer support. JHELY has been able to effortlessly navigate the platform and run the operations without any hindrances. 
  • Fast Transaction Speed: JHELY expresses satisfaction with Swapin’s transaction speeds. In most cases, transfers are immediate, with the longest taking just a few hours to complete. This efficiency enhances JHely’s overall operational performance.
  • Products: Swapin’s solutions have met JHELY’s expectations, allowing them to easily accept crypto payments, settle invoices, and convert cryptocurrencies. This reliability has instilled confidence in JHELY, creating a positive experience for both their team and clients. 

We use Swapin services at JHELY GLOBAL to collect payments in a regulatory-compliant way from some of our crypto-native clients for our blockchain software development services. We chose Swapin as this is the only solution we found that operationally works smoothly from our side, but is also painless for our clients.

Marcin Zduniak, Co-Founder of JHELY Consulting

Conclusion: Unlocking Business Potential through Crypto-to-Fiat Payments

JHELY’s partnership with Swapin highlights the value of using crypto-to-fiat payment solutions for businesses. By integrating SwapinCollect, SwapinPay, and SwapinGet into their financial operations, JHELY successfully overcame the challenges they were facing with crypto payments, providing a secure and seamless experience for their clients while ensuring regulatory compliance. Swapin’s commitment to delivering reliable, secure, and user-friendly solutions has helped JHELY to expand their business growth, serving as an inspiration for other businesses.

If you are ready to tap into the world of crypto-to-fiat payments and maximize your business potential, explore Swapin’s crypto payment solutions today and schedule a call with Kate, our Business Development Manager.