GYMSTREET Metaverse Partners with Swapin for Crypto Payment Solutions

April 14, 2023
Swapin and GymStreet logos

GYMSTREET Financial Metaverse, the first purpose-built DeFi and CeFi virtual realm, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Swapin, the popular crypto-to-fiat payment solution. This collaboration aims to provide GYMSTREET’s community members with access to Swapin’s off-ramp services while also utilizing affiliate commissions for the buyback of GYMNET community tokens. This move is expected to significantly benefit both parties and push the GYMNET token price upwards.

Swapin Joins the Metaverse

Swapin has already made its mark in the GYMSTREET Metaverse with a unique building, symbolizing its entry into the innovative world of virtual finance. Founded in 2017, Swapin (formerly Piixpay) recognized the potential of crypto to revolutionize the global payment industry, connecting crypto to traditional fiat payments. With a powerful and user-friendly platform, Swapin enables individuals and businesses to spend crypto as easily as any other currency.

GYMSTREET: The Wall Street of the Metaverse

GYMSTREET is setting the stage to become the Wall Street of the Metaverse, offering an immersive platform for financial service providers to interact with real customers in a virtual world. With stunning 2.5D and later 3D graphics and a variety of NFTs, GYMSTREET is the perfect destination for DeFi, CeFi, banking, exchange, real estate or any other financial service providers aiming to make a significant impact in the Metaverse.

One of the key benefits of the GYMSTREET Metaverse is simplified access to a wide range of financial products that are typically hard to access and complex to navigate. With GYMSTREET, users have a straightforward and engaging way to build passive income by exploring various financial services within the virtual world.

A Win-Win Partnership

The collaboration between GYMSTREET and Swapin is set to create a win-win situation for both parties. GYMSTREET community members will now have access to Swapin’s convenient crypto-to-fiat payment services, while the affiliate commissions generated from fees will be fully used for the BUYBACK of GYMNET community tokens. This strategic move will drive demand for the GYMNET token and push its price upwards, benefiting the entire GYMSTREET ecosystem.

In conclusion, the partnership between GYMSTREET Financial Metaverse and Swapin is a game-changer for the virtual finance industry. With this collaboration, GYMSTREET is one step closer to becoming the Wall Street of the Metaverse, offering its community members unparalleled access to innovative financial services and a unique opportunity to generate passive income. As the partnership unfolds, GYMSTREET and Swapin are set to redefine the landscape of finance in both the virtual and real worlds.