Swapin Affiliate Program for business partners

Boost your company's revenue and earn a stable income by introducing businesses and individuals to Swapin. We offer up to 25% revenue share!

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How it works

Become a partner

Sign-up with a business account and get your personal affiliate link.

Invite users

Share your link with business partners, on a website, blog, or social media.

Earn fees

Earn a profit share from every transaction your invited users make.

Why you should introduce customers to Swapin

  • Ability to start your own business with a fully-licensed European crypto currency platform
  • Swapin is easy to promote because of high demand for crypto-to-bank payment services
  • Instant pay-outs and withdrawals of your earning (crypto or bank transfer)
  • 5-star customer and partner support
Why you should introduce customers to Swapin
Monitor your earnings real-time

Monitor your earnings real-time

Find detailed reports about your progress and see how your business grows over time. Track your performance and review your payment history.

Swapin solutions are perfect for:

E-commerce and online shops
NFT and physical art dealers
Yacht brokers and car dealerships
Cryptocurrency miners
DeFI apps and crypto platforms
Entertainment, lifestyle and travel firms
Real-estate and property development companies
Any other business that needs a crypto-to-bank bridge