Crypto on- and off-ramps for your Web3 project

Licensed and engineered in the EU

  • Integrate seamless on- and off-ramp solution into your exchange, NFT marketplace or other Web3 project
  • Cover the TOP 10+ cryptocurrencies and EUR as fiat in SEPA
  • Partner with an EU-licensed award-winning solution

Why choose Swapin?

Crypto & Fiat Coverage

Swapin supports 10+ TOP cryptocurrencies and EUR as fiat currency. We process payments across 36 SEPA countries and serve customers from 178 countries.

Safe & Non-Custodial

Regulated by the EU, Swapin ensures the safety of customer funds. As a non-custodial platform, we do not hold funds and use them for instant payouts.

Fast Payouts

95% of Swapin's crypto-to-bank transactions are completed in 5 minutes or less.

Crypto-Friendly Payments

Dedicated IBANs facilitate seamless bank transfers made in a customer’s name.

License-Free Integration

Your project doesn't need to obtain its own license. SwapinWidget operates under our license, simplifying the process.

Flexible Transaction Volumes

Effortlessly manage a wide range of payment volumes, from 5 EUR to 10M EUR per transaction.

Plug-and-Play Solution

A simplified solution streamlining integration, with zero onboarding and integration fees.


End customer KYC is a crucial part of the Widget flow, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Easy integration

  • Choose between redirected link or embedded integration
  • Get a dedicated support person from Swapin product team
  • Set up your on- and off-ramp widget in just a few hours

Who Is It For?


Enable users to handle crypto as easily as any other currency, both buying and selling in a seamless transaction.


Connect DeFi and traditional banking systems, simplifying the transition between Web3 and traditional payments.


Allow traders to effortlessly begin using your exchange with crypto-friendly on-ramps or cash out their earnings to their bank accounts.


Enable Web3 payments for e-commerce projects, with Swapin bridging the gap between crypto and banks.


Concentrate on offering NFTs and supporting modern digital art while we manage crypto transactions.


Provide your users with both on-ramp and off-ramp options, ensuring freedom for in-app purchases and fund withdrawals.