September 2023 investor report

October 4, 2023

September brought some exciting developments to Swapin. We launched the SwapinBuy product, allowing our customers from the EEA, UK, and Switzerland to buy crypto with ease using their Dedicated IBANs. We also welcomed Dmitrij Pustovalov as our new Head of Sales and hosted the Web3 Chamber event at our office.

Key Numbers

  • Our monthly active customers increased by 2% in September.
  • Transaction volumes and numbers remained steady.
  • We saw a 4% growth in monthly active returning customers, showing loyalty to Swapin.

Product Development

In September, our product team focused on:

  • Launching SwapinBuy, including app updates, backend work, testing, and the official launch.
  • Improving the Swapin Partners API based on partner feedback and enhancing documentation.
  • Adding a buy crypto function to SwapinWidget.


Our marketing team was busy with:

  • Preparing for SwapinBuy’s launch by updating landing pages, terms, fees, verification levels, and the Swapin App.
  • Running reactivation campaigns for our customers, including a €50 bonus offer, verification upgrades, and SwapinBuy announcements.
  • Using paid ads, including Meta Ads, to highlight Dedicated IBANs and SwapinBuy.
  • Hosting the Swapin x Web3 Chamber event.

Business Development & Sales

Our sales team had some significant changes:

  • We brought Dmitrij Pustovalov on board as the new Head of Sales, with B2B integration experience from
  • We developed a new sales and business development strategy for Q4 2023.
  • We continued to support our existing business customers.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to improving the infrastructure for Web3 payments. This includes making it easier to buy, sell, and transact with crypto, as well as supporting Widget and custom API integrations. In October, we’ll focus on finding partners to integrate Swapin solutions into various Web3 projects.