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Meet Swapin Team

Introducing Swapin’s Team: Where Passion Meets Innovation

February 14, 2024

At Swapin, we’re not just another fintech company. Swapin’s team is a group of crypto enthusiasts whose passion for web3 and blockchain isn’t just about technology – it’s about bringing simplicity and ease to everyday financial transactions, for both individuals and businesses.  Our team is the driving force behind Swapin’s innovative solutions that you use, […]

Swapin Wins MasterCard People’s Choice Award

May 29, 2023

We have incredible news for the Swapin community! Thanks to your votes and unwavering support, Swapin has been honored with the prestigious People’s Choice Award from MasterCard Lighthouse FINITIV. We are particularly proud to receive this award in recognition of our commitment to providing the perfect payment solution for all crypto enthusiasts looking to seamlessly […]

Swapin, MasterCard Lighthouse FINITIV

Swapin Joins MasterCard Lighthouse FINITIV 2023 Spring Program

April 4, 2023

This year, Swapin has been chosen as a finalist in the MasterCard Lighthouse FINITIV 2023 Spring Program. This is big news for a startup bridging Web3 and Web2 worlds and connecting crypto to bank accounts. We are thrilled to share more details about Swapin participating in the program and what it can bring to our […]

Swapin team Marge Simo

Meet The Swapin Team: Marge Simo, Finance Specialist

November 16, 2022

Thus far, we’ve introduced top public-facing Swapin leadership teammates and integral technical team members, but we have yet to touch on the financial experts helping the company thrive. In this latest blog post, as part of our Meet The Swapin Team series, we are going to provide a short biography about another key operational employee […]

Swapin team cto joonas honga

Meet The Swapin Team: Joonas Honga, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

October 19, 2022

With many Swapin team members’ introductions behind us, next, we are introducing a key executive crucial to the core development of Swapin products and services.  In this latest blog post, as part of our Meet The Swapin Team series, we are going to provide a short biography about another integral employee of the company: Chief […]

Swapin Team Märt Varatu

Meet The Swapin Team: Head of System Department, Märt Varatu

October 11, 2022

Swapin crypto payment solutions are beginning to take over the globe. Customers in both the consumer and business sectors are rapidly realizing the value and convenience of Swapin tools. As we continue our Meet the Swapin team blog series, we are pleased to present the head of the Swapin System Department, Märt Varatu, who plays […]

Swapin Team CPO Edward Rebane

Meet The Swapin Team: Chief Product Officer Edward Rebane

September 13, 2022

Previously, we introduced the Meet The Swapin Team series with an interview featuring Swapin Founder and CEO Evald-Hannes Kree. Kree shared the story of his early beginnings in crypto and where the idea for Swapin came from. In this latest iteration of the blog series, we are pleased to introduce Swapin’s Chief Product Officer, Edward […]

Swapin Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) Darbi-Julia Tarmisto

Meet The Swapin Team: Darbi-Julia Tarmisto

July 28, 2022

We have already introduced several key members of the Swapin team: the company CEO and Founder, as well as his team of executives. We also went into great length about the origin story behind the first stages of creating Swapin and the early challenges the company faced that led to its inception.  In this latest blog […]

Meet The Swapin Team: Co-Founder & CEO Evald-Hannes Kree

Meet The Swapin Team: Co-Founder & CEO Evald-Hannes Kree

April 14, 2022

Following the exciting reintroduction of the company under the new Swapin brand name and ambitious updated roadmap, we are turning the spotlight toward the team behind the brand itself.  We are pleased to introduce Swapin co-founder and CEO Evald-Hannes Kree as part of this closer look at the Swapin team. How Swapin CEO Evald-Hannes Kree […]