Meet The Swapin Team: Chief Product Officer Edward Rebane

September 13, 2022
Swapin Team CPO Edward Rebane

Previously, we introduced the Meet The Swapin Team series with an interview featuring Swapin Founder and CEO Evald-Hannes Kree. Kree shared the story of his early beginnings in crypto and where the idea for Swapin came from.

In this latest iteration of the blog series, we are pleased to introduce Swapin’s Chief Product Officer, Edward Rebane. 

swapin com team CPOEdward Rebane

How Swapin CPO Edward Rebane Joined The Swapin Team 

Edward Rebane worked previously on the Swapin team as Product Owner, joining in 2022, and quickly emerged as a clear innovator in the crypto field. Much like other Swapin team members, Rebane is a long-time crypto enthusiast since 2018.

“It’s a great motivation to be part of the ambitious crypto fintech project as I have also been a crypto enthusiast since 2018,” Rebane explained. “I have a generally good feeling about crypto adoption in upcoming years, which makes the Swapin challenge even more enjoyable and exciting,” he added.

Rebane is now joined by executives such as CTO Joonas Honga, Head of System Operations Märt Varatu, AML & Legal Officer Julia Tarmisto, and Founder and CEO Evald-Hannes Kree. Advisors include Covesting CEO Dimitrij Pruglo, Estateguru CEO Marek Pärtel, Angel Investor Toomas Römer, and Bankish CXO Ian Kalla.

The Career And Impact Of Edward Rebane, Swapin Chief Product Officer

Prior to his work at Swapin, Rebane worked as a software development team leader, focused on corporate clients and building startups in the e-commerce business category. Rebane’s experience in this area and excellence in creating complex web-based solutions has been critical to successfully building Swapin B2B solutions such as SwapinCheckout.

The Swapin CPO also in the past co-founded Chilli, the Baltic region’s largest discount website and booking platform, adored by over two million loyal customers. There, Rebane helped propel the company’s early success, especially during the earliest stages as a Product Owner and Business Developer.

As Swapin’s CPO, Edward Rebane has led several key developments related to Swapin’s B2B and B2C solutions and was an integral part of the recent application refresh to better align with the company’s rebranding and ambitious company roadmap. 

Stay Tuned To Swapin Updates And Learn More

Recently, Swapin also announced it has raised €1.88 in investments, and it is thanks to the talented individuals and innovations going on behind the scenes, which we’ll continue to introduce as part of the Meet The Swapin Team blog series. Swapin executives are working hard to establish significant partnerships, such as working with RE/MAX and E-Jewels.

Stay tuned to the Swapin blog for more updates on additional partnerships, as well as a closer look at additional Swapin team members in the weeks ahead. You can also follow Swapin on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, or LinkedIn.

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