Swapin Research: The Future Of Real Estate Transactions With Crypto

August 25, 2022
Swapin Research: The Future Of Real Estate Transactions With Crypto

A recent partnership between Swapin and real estate giant RE/MAX has the cryptocurrency community pumped and thinking ahead of what the future of real estate transactions may hold when combined with the power of crypto. 

The latest Swapin Research compares the growing crypto industry with the positively enormous real estate market and the incredible promise and disruptive power of the internet. 

Here is what you need to know about Swapin solutions, the monumental RE/MAX partnership, and the future of real estate transactions using cryptocurrencies. 

How The $1 Trillion Crypto Market Can Change The $350 Trillion Real Estate Market

According to Swapin research, the global real estate market is one of the largest and most important in the world, worth more than $350 trillion in value. The investment class has seen exponential growth in the United States, China, Europe, and elsewhere globally. 

Today, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization is worth roughly $1 trillion by comparison. Although the value might seem insignificant in absolute dollar terms, it represents tremendous growth potential in the emerging asset class. Investors have reaped the benefits of real estate growth for hundreds of years, while cryptocurrencies have barely been around for over a decade and are only just getting started. 

When the new payment technology eventually reaches its potential, it could also have a transformative effect on the real estate industry, which is why the RE/MAX and Swapin partnership is such a significant milestone event for both sectors and beyond. 

How The RE/MAX And Swapin Partnership Is The First Major Step Toward Change

The partnership has RE/MAX leveraging Swapin’s CoinCollector technology. Using CoinCollector, customers receive an easy-to-use crypto payment link with pre-filled information to make the experience simple. Exchanges can be fulfilled to buy residential or commercial real estate globally in a few clicks. 

All Swapin solutions instantly convert cryptocurrencies into fiat, which is connected directly to a business bank account. Swapin handles the conversion process immediately and without a need for crypto-focused accounting or compliance — Swapin takes care of it all. 

The frictionless process only takes seconds from start to finish. RE/MAX or whatever business that is utilizing the tool never has to hold crypto — the crypto is converted seamlessly and integrated into the realm of traditional finance. 

Get A Closer Look At The Innovative Swapin Solutions Offered Today

CoinCollector and E-Com represent the B2B segment of the company’s crypto-to-fiat products and services. There are also several innovative B2C tools, which include InstaFill, InstaPay, and Predefined Payments. 

InstaFill lets users connect a bank account to a unique Swapin crypto wallet. The moment any crypto assets hit that wallet, they are instantly converted to fiat currencies and sent to the associated bank account. 

InstaPay allows users to pay anyone at any time using crypto that is instantly converted into fiat. Predefined Payments lets users make recurring InstaPay transactions with easy-to-use templates. Cover monthly bills like rent, utilities, internet, and more.  

See For Yourself What Swapin Is All About

The cryptocurrency market still comes with many barriers and gaps that are left for innovative companies to fill. Swapin solutions are doing just that for major brands in significant consumer segments like real estate, luxury goods, and much more.

To see for yourself what Swapin is all about, be sure to visit the official website or try the app today.