November 2023 Investors Report

December 15, 2023
November 2023 investor's report

November was a successful month for Swapin, marked by impressive achievements and global outreach. We continue to make significant strides in connecting the worlds of crypto and traditional banking, especially with our latest solution SwapinWidget gaining traction among Web3 platforms.

Key Highlights:

  1. Financial Growth

In the last week of November alone, our off-ramp solutions (SwapinPay and SwapinGet) achieved a turnover of €870k, indicating strong demand and trust in our services.

  1. Global Outreach

Our CEO, Evald-Hannes Kree, attended key events in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi Finance Week, ETH Abu Dhabi, and the Green Blockchain Summit, fostering new connections and meeting up with investors and partners. This signifies our commitment to expanding Swapin’s influence in the fintech and Web3 space.

  1. SwapinWidget Demand

We successfully onboarded 4 SwapinWidget partners and are in talks with many more prospects. This reflects the growing market demand for our innovative crypto on- and off-ramp solution for Web3 platforms.

  1. Investment Round Progress

Our ongoing investment round has gathered significant interest, with €300k already committed towards our €1 million seed round raise goal. This highlights the confidence investors have in Swapin’s potential and future growth.

  1. Increase in Off-Ramping

There was a remarkable 22.34% increase in the amount of completed transactions in November compared to the previous month. SwapinGet saw a 37.64% rise in transaction volume compared to October, and SwapinPay experienced a 44% increase, indicating a strong preference for off-ramping services in November.

  1. New User Acquisition

In November, there was an impressive 358% rise in transactions made by new customers, reflecting a surge in new unique active users so far in Q4 for Swapin.

Product Development

Our product team focused on:

  • SwapinWidget integration updates – implementing key functionality for merchants to customize their user experience
  • SwapinWidget Sandbox for developers
  • SwapinBuy automation – enhances processing of the transactions and makes them faster and smoother
  • Web app and landing page updates – KYC, SwapinBuy, SwapinPay help videos live within the app for users, and supported countries landing page updated


Our marketing team was working on:

  • Launch of SwapinWidget on social media, blog, and newsletter as well as PR coverage
  • Preparing email campaigns and materials for Swapin’s investment round
  • Updating email flows and templates for customer activation and retention
  • Updating the Help Center with new and revised articles
  • Preparing for W3N event Dec 12-13th, including social media coverage and the presentation for our CEO’s workshop on “How to Use Crypto to Boost Your Business”

Business Development & Sales

Our sales team has been actively:

  • Streamlining and automating SwapinWidget partner integration process
  • Building the pipeline; active discussion with 33 prospects
  • Queued up 4 clients for SwapinWidget integration
  • Working on Pipedrive setup and automation

November’s achievements set a strong foundation for future growth as we feel a momentum building in the midst of our funding round. We’re gearing up for an impactful end to the year, solidifying our position as an innovative leader in the European payment solutions market and preparing for a successful new year ahead.

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