December 2023 Investors Report

January 8, 2024
December 2023 investor's report

December was pivotal for Swapin, concluding a year of significant progress and innovation. As we continue to bridge the worlds of crypto and traditional banking, here are Swapin’s main achievements and developments from last month.

Key Highlights:

1. Financial Growth

Achieved an impressive €1.5M turnover in just the first two weeks of December from our crypto-to-fiat off-ramping solutions SwapinPay and SwapinGet, signifying Swapin’s growing market presence and customer trust in our solutions.

2. Events and Leadership

Our team attended the W3N event where Swapin had its own booth. Our CEO, Evald-Hannes Kree, was a speaker at the panel discussion on “The State of Web3 Regulation ” and led a workshop on “How to Use Crypto to Boost Your Business” sharing some practical tips on leveraging crypto for business growth.

3. SwapinWidget Demand

The successful launch of the first live integration with GeekPay and the onboarding of 7 SwapinWidget partners, with 3 more in the queue and active talks with over 50 prospects, highlighting the increasing demand for our innovative crypto on- and off-ramp solution for platforms.

4. Increased Transactions

A significant 1.68% increase in completed transactions in December, with SwapinGet and SwapinBuy volumes seeing the most growth. We saw a 29% increase in transactions for SwapinGet among business customers and 19.8% for individuals.

5. Customer Retention

Returning customer transactions also rose by 9.56%, indicating strong customer loyalty. Additionally, we noticed a rise in SwapinBuy unique business users by 17.65% and individual users by 14.29% compared to previous month, showing increasing demand for our easy crypto buying solution.

Product Development

In December, our product team focused on:

  • Launching the first integrations for SwapinWidget partners smoothly
  • Implementing a new limits system for customers – from yearly limits to daily and monthly limits for accounts
  • Rebuilding and upgrading the business onboarding flow


Our marketing team was working on:

  • Preparing email campaigns and materials for Swapin’s investment round
  • PR coverage of Swapin with the latest article “Shaping the Future of FinTech: Swapin’s Mission to Bridge Crypto & Banks” you can find on Yahoo
  • Initiating partnership marketing campaigns with SwapinWidget partners, first of which was GeekPay
  • Updating email flows and templates for customer activation and retention as well as SwapinWidget end user communication
  • Email marketing to customers on product updates

Business Development & Sales

Our sales team has been actively:

  • Getting the first SwapinWidget integration live with GeekPay
  • Streamlining and automating SwapinWidget partner integration process
  • Having active discussions with over 50 partners
  • Queueing up 3 clients for SwapinWidget integration

As we step into 2024, we are ready for even greater achievements, solidifying our position as a leader in fintech innovation. Stay connected with us on social media, which you can find here. You can subscribe to our LinkedIn weekly industry newsletter to stay informed on the latest in the crypto and web3 space.

Our team at Swapin wishes you a remarkable 2024 ahead!