January 2024 Investors Report

March 5, 2024

January set a promising pace for Swapin in 2024, characterized by growth and active community engagement, marking a strong start to the year. As we continue to bridge the worlds of crypto and traditional banking, here is a snapshot of Swapin’s main achievements and developments from January.

Key Highlights:

Transaction Growth

The number of unique users completing transactions increased in both individual and business customers using SwapinPay, with a respective rise of 5% and 15%. Additionally, individual customers using SwapinBuy witnessed a surge of 12.5%, indicating a rise in demand for our crypto buying solution. 

Event Participation

Our team participated in TON Tallinn and ETH Tallinn meetups, alongside hosting an event in partnership with Estonian Web3 Chamber at our office titled “Forward Together: Crypto & Fintech in 2024”. You can find the recap video here.

Increased Demand

The successful launch of our partnership with Siberian Wolf, coupled with active talks with over 55 prospects, highlights the increasing demand for our easy to integrate crypto on- and off-ramp solution for platforms, SwapinWidget.

Customer Retention

Completed transactions by returning customers increased by 26.9% compared to December, indicating strong customer loyalty and confidence.

Product & Development

In January, our product team mainly focused on:

  • Adding new banking providers to the infrastructure
  • Rebuilding the onboarding experience of our business customers
  • Helping several new SwapinWidget integrations to go live
  • Preparing for the updated KYB (Know Your Business) customer flow release in February


In January, our marketing team:

  • Promoted and organized our event “Forward Together: Crypto & FinTech in 2024” at our office January 30th in partnership with Estonian Web3 Chamber
  • Updated important email flows for KYB (Know Your Business) new customer processes
  • Published an ultimate guide to buying crypto in 2024 as well as Spot Bitcoin ETF campaigns across email and social media channels
  • Partnered up with Offchain Global for co-hosting future educational events and collaborative content

Business Development & Sales

In January, our sales team:

  • Prepared for ICE London event and compiled an updated pipeline with focus on online gaming
  • Is having active discussions with 55+ prospects for SwapinWidget
  • Launched SwapinWidget partnership with Siberian Wolf
  • Attended ETH Tallinn, TON Meeting, and ICE London

As we continue into 2024, Swapin remains dedicated to driving fintech innovation, enhancing community engagement, and reinforcing our role as a pivotal connector between crypto and traditional banking. We’re excited for what’s ahead and grateful for the support from our investors and community.

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