February 2024 Investor Report

March 5, 2024
February 2024 Investor Report

February has been a month of strategic advancements and partnerships for Swapin, building on the strong start of 2024. Our commitment to bridging the gap between crypto and traditional banking has driven significant progress in February, so here’s a quick overview of Swapin’s key achievements and updates from last month.

Transaction Growth

February saw a 9.2% increase in transactions from returning customers compared to January, with new customer transactions up by 18.75%. This growth indicates the continuous rising demand for our services as we noticed a significant increase in transaction volumes across SwapinBuy, SwapinGet, and SwapinPay, with total rolling volume among both individual and business customers combined rising by 10.38%.

Product & Development

  • Enhanced KYB Flow: We’ve streamlined our Know Your Business (KYB) process to optimize user interactions, thereby enhancing overall satisfaction, contributing to improved customer retention and acquisition
  • Infrastructure Update: Our crypto transaction infrastructure has been updated to ensure faster and more reliable transaction processing, catering to the increasing demand while also ensuring a smoother user experience


  • Valentine’s Day Campaign: We engaged our community with a special social media campaign during Valentine’s Day, with a Swapin Fee discount voucher
  • ICE London: Swapin’s participation in the ICE London event was extensively covered, expanding our visibility and credibility within the industry
  • Bitcoin Halving Educational Campaign: We initiated an educational campaign about the Bitcoin Halving event, informing our customers and partners about its significance and effects on the market
  • Meet the Team Blog: A new blog post introducing some of our team members to the community, adding a personal touch to our brand

Business Development & Sales

  • BTC-Alpha Partnership: Our SwapinWidget partnership with BTC-Alpha is now operational, enhancing their platform with Swapin’s easy and secure crypto buying and selling capabilities.
  • Expanding Partnerships: Active discussions are ongoing with over 55 prospects, including some industry giants. Furthermore, two new clients have initiated the SwapinWidget integration process.

As we advance into March, Swapin’s team remains focused on innovation and expansion to meet the evolving needs of our customers and partners. We are enthusiastic about 2024 and thankful for the ongoing support and trust from our investors and community.

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