Estonian companies make it possible to invest cryptocurrency in gold and silver

April 5, 2019
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Aufort, an Estonian company specializing in the investment of gold and silver, has partnered with cryptocurrency payment provider Piixpay. Their cooperation enables cryptocurrency owners to exchange digital money for the oldest money in the world: gold or silver.

According to Erik Karu, one of the founders and board members of Aufort, the new service is meant for cryptocurrency owners who wish to protect their digital assets from volatility and diffuse the risks related to it.

“Cryptocurrency is the world’s newest form of money and its price can fluctuate dramatically over a short period of time. However, precious metals have held their value for centuries, and trading cryptocurrency for gold or silver allows investors to protect their assets from these unpredictable fluctuations. Aufort and Piixpay provide this service to cryptocurrency owners as an alternative opportunity to keep their assets in the form they consider to be the best,“ said Erik Karu.

Raivo Malter, the founder of the Estonian cryptocurrency payment platform Piixpay, emphasized that the strength of their company lies in a fast and simple solution: offering their clients other interesting services in addition to everyday billing.

“Cryptocurrency is a rather complex and novel payment method, acting as a bridge between the old and the new financial systems. On one hand, private individuals are able to pay using cryptocurrency, and on the other hand, businesses can easily manage sales in cryptocurrency whilst still using euros in their accounting,“ said Raivo Malter.

Aufort makes it possible to buy gold, silver, and diamonds with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dash for the time being.

The gold and silver investment specialists were previously known as SMI. After undergoing a period of expansion, the company’s founders decided to rebrand under the name Aufort which reflects the essence of their company better and enables them to expand globally.

Founder and board member Bert-Ken Raudberg explained: “Aufort’s long-term goal is to make owning investment gold more flexible and comfortable. We plan to come up with several interesting technological solutions in the near future, which will be scalable for the global market.“

In the five years that Aufort has been in business, the company has sold more than 76 000 grams of gold and silver and has devised innovative solutions for giving gifts. They have also served thousands of clients. The new trademark consists of two parts: Au meaning gold and fort meaning a fortress. Together, this signifies a gold fortress.

PiixPay is synonymous with the following keywords: fast service, customer satisfaction and cybersecurity. Its payment solution relies on refined IT technology and enables the use of cryptocurrency in day-to-day transactions. The technology is identical to that of the banks in that it is fully automatic and follows the laws and inspections accordingly to prevent and avoid money laundering. has been in the market for five years and the team works hard every day to follow regulations and come up with new services.

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