Swapin Relaunches SwapinCollect Merchant Tool

Swapin is thrilled to announce the relaunch of SwapinCollect, our user-friendly merchant tool that streamlines the process of accepting cryptocurrencies and allows merchants to receive EUR or GBP instantly in their connected bank account.

What is SwapinCollect?

SwapinCollect is a tool that enables merchants to start accepting crypto by creating a SwapinCollect payment link and still receive fiat money (EUR or GBP) in their bank account. It’s simple to set up within one business day, with no integration required. SwapinCollect is perfect for merchants who want to expand their potential customer base by accepting crypto, but still want to avoid the challenges typically associated with crypto transactions, such as volatility issues, managing crypto wallets, and off-ramping. The product was launched in spring 2022, and we’re now introducing the new upgraded version of SwapinCollect.

Check out this video that explains how SwapinCollect works:

Key SwapinCollect Benefits

Here are the key reasons why merchants should choose SwapinCollect:

  • No integration required, no API or development, just create a SwapinCollect payment link.
  • No volatility issues. For each transaction, Swapin locks crypto-to-fiat rates for 30 mins, ensuring that merchants receive the exact amount of fiat they planned, with no need to worry about crypto’s high volatility.
  • A payer covers all fees, and 0 fees apply to merchants. Read more about SwapinCollect fees here.
  • No accounting issues, as all transactions will appear on the SwapinCollect dashboard.
  • Real-time payouts. 95% of Swapin crypto-to-fiat transactions are processed in 5 mins or less.

What’s New for SwapinCollect?

SwapinCollect is now integrated into the Swapin App. Previously, we set it up individually for each merchant upon their request. Now, merchants can complete all the steps needed to start accepting crypto themselves on the app. This means you can start accepting crypto in one business day. However, Swapin is pleased to offer a dedicated key account manager for each merchant to assist with onboarding and any other inquiries. Additionally, there is a dashboard showing transaction history, providing accountants with all the information they need.

How to Start Accepting Crypto as a Merchant?

Setting up a SwapinCollect payment link is easy, but it’s important to let your customers know they can pay with crypto now. This can be done via various marketing channels. Here are our recommendations:

  • Distribute the SwapinCollect payment link with each invoice.
  • Add information stating ‘Crypto Accepted’ and your SwapinCollect payment link on your landing page.
  • Send an email blast to your customers informing them that they can now purchase your goods or services with cryptocurrency.
  • Use “Crypto accepted” stickers, posters, or video ads in your stores.
  • Add the “Crypto accepted” message to all your marketing materials, such as videos, banners, and other ads.

Why Entrust Your Crypto-to-Fiat Payments to Swapin?

Swapin is fully regulated VASP from the EU, holding the license and being audited by Grant Thornton Baltic, one of the leading locally-owned pan-Baltic providers of audit. Swapin uses TOP solutions for its products, such as Veriff and Onfido for verification, Valega and Hawk for transactions monitoring, CoinBase, Kraken, Binance for cryptocurrency exchange, My EU Pay and Clear Junction for payment processing, and others. Swapin also supports wallet connect with TOP- wallets like Metamask, Ledger, Trust Wallet, Argent, Crypto.com, Exodus, Rainbow, allowing transactions to be securely and seamlessly completed from the payer’s crypto wallet within a few clicks. Swapin has been operating in the market since 2017, connecting Web3 finance with the Web2 payments world.

Create a SwapinCollect payment link today and tap into a new market of customers who prefer to pay with digital assets.

For more information on SwapinCollect, please visit the SwapinCollect website.

Got questions or want a demo? Schedule a call with Kate Voogla, your dedicated Swapin Business Development Manager. 

Swapin Unveils Enhanced KYC Process

As a licensed company, registered as a virtual currency services provider, Swapin must adhere to the strict regulations in order to remain compliant but also to give our customers the most secure digital experience possible. This helps us to ensure the protection of all of our registered customers while they utilize and navigate on any of the various Swapin crypto-to-fiat payment solutions.

A More Efficient KYC Process

Swapin recently unveiled an advanced KYC process that will greatly increase efficiency by enabling new customers to begin using SwapinGet and SwapinPay for sending money on their bank accounts within minutes after signing up. Swapin is pleased to announce this to our current and future customer base. Previously, the KYC process took an extended amount of time to complete, as delays were common between new customer sign up and accounts being active.

What Are The Changes To The Swapin KYC Process?

Swapin KYC Verification Levels
Easily verify your identity and documentation with AI automation and begin using SwapinPay and SwapinGet within minutes.

Swapin enables users to register in one of three verification levels depending on territory and region and other personal verification factors. Newly-registered Swapin customers on the ‘Starter Level’ will be able to complete KYC verification in under 2 minutes with the technology implemented in our enhanced KYC verification model. These customers are able to transact in total with as much as 2500 euros of combined value through SwapinGet and SwapinPay, which can only be used to make payments to their own SEPA bank accounts.

The manual requirements of the process have also been automated for new platform registrants. Thanks to the technology and support of Swapin partner, Veriff, customers no longer need to manually input their personal information. Veriff enables Swapin to gather this information digitally from the documents submitted by the new user.

In essence, the new KYC upgrades drastically reduce verification wait times, and reduce barriers to entry when onboarding with Swapin.

A Couple Of Ways In Which The New KYC Process Is More Efficient

Now, not only is the process cut from several hours to under two minutes in which new ‘Starter Level’ users can be up and running, but also the process of submitting information is less error prone. Since the information is in fact pulled from the technology developed by Veriff, the technology does checks and balances itself, instead of the need for manual processes.

Advances For New Basic Level Customers

The newly-implemented KYC process enables new individual ‘Basic Level’ customers to send and receive crypto payments after a verification and review process which can last from several hours through one business day. This tier of service enables registered users to send crypto-to-fiat payments to themselves or any other SEPA bank accounts.

‘Basic Level’ customers are required to submit ID and proof of address (POV) documentation such as a bill or official document issued in the customer’s name. These customers have a threshold of 30,000 euros which they are able to send and receive in total transaction volume through SwapinPay and SwapinGet in a single calendar year.

SwapinGet enables customers to receive crypto and transfer to fiat manually in order to deposit into their SEPA bank account. SwapinPay enables customers to make crypto to fiat transfers and send payments to any SEPA bank account for bill payments and more.

Faster Process To Register For Full Access Level

As a part of the new version now released to the public, Swapin also enables ‘Starter’ or ‘Basic’ customers to upgrade to a ‘Full Level’ access at any time. Customers verified at the ‘Basic Level’ can do so by providing source of funds (SOF) information, while customers at the ‘Starter Level’ must provide both POV and SOF documentation.

Provided SOF information enables higher customer access by giving banks the ability to approve larger transactions in compliance with AML regulations. While unlimited transactions are allowed at the ‘Full Level’ access, members can still be limited based on information provided in the verification of SOF.

Continued Excellence

Swapin is committed to continued excellence and providing the most contemporary and helpful tools to our individual and business customers and platform users. The advanced KYC process is just an example of that continued commitment to our customer base.

All customers can expect us to continue to work towards delivering advanced technological tools and resources to advance the Swapin platform and remain the most advanced crypto payment solutions platform on the market.

Introducing All-New Swapin Product Names For 2023

The Swapin team continues to innovate and strategize for the future. We are proud to reveal that several Swapin products have been rebranded with new names, further aligning with the message of convenience and simplicity across all of our leading crypto-to-fiat services. 

Here is everything you need to know about SwapinGet, SwapinPay, and SwapinCollect (formerly, InstaFill, InstaPay, and CoinCollector).

Why Rebrand Select Swapin Products & Services?

As you may be aware, Swapin began last year with a significant rebranding from PiixPay to Swapin, representing the growing range of crypto-to-fiat products and services and the proliferation of cryptocurrencies globally. 

This year, we are once again refining our marketing messaging and have rebranded our three key products: InstaFill, InstaPay, and CoinCollector. InstaFill has become SwapinGet; InstaPay is now SwapinPay; and CoinCollector has transformed into SwapinCollect. 

The Swapin mission is to connect crypto to the world of daily payments to make spending and using crypto as easy as any other form of money. We also sought to make the names of our products better aligned under the Swapin umbrella and easier to remember and understand.

Introducing: SwapinGet, SwapinPay, and SwapinCollect

SwapinGet allows users to turn their BTC, ETH, USDT, and other coins into EUR or GBP and receive the funds in a personal bank account. The entire process takes no more than a matter of minutes, eliminating the need to manually exchange cryptocurrencies into fiat and move it to your EU bank account. By setting up a convenient SwapinGet wallet address, all it takes is a quick crypto transfer, and you can top up your bank account with fiat.

SwapinPay enables fast payments in EUR or GBP to any EU bank account by sending Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies, which are instantly converted into fiat. It is now easier than ever to use crypto to send money to friends and family, pay bills like rent or insurance, or buy goods online. SwapinPay takes away the volatility risk associated with sending and receiving cryptocurrencies by locking the exchange rate for 30 minutes while the transaction takes place. 

With SwapinCollect, businesses can accept crypto immediately without all the risk, accounting issues, and more. Cryptocurrency transactions cannot be reversed, offering unique business benefits such as no chargebacks. A rapidly-growing audience is now within reach, with no fees ever charged to the business, as customers cover the costs when they use cryptocurrencies to pay for goods, services, and more using a custom payment link. Contact Swapin sales to access SwapinCollect and other business tools.

Stick With Swapin For More Future Updates

These essential Swapin services will be updated within the Swapin app in the coming days. Please stay tuned to the official Swapin blog for more updates and information. You can also follow Swapin on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, or LinkedIn. Be sure to try the Swapin app today!