SwapinCollect Promo Guide for Merchants

Congratulations on setting up your SwapinCollect payment link for accepting crypto!

Now it's time to inform your customers about this exciting new payment option. Check out our ultimate checklist on how to promote your SwapinCollect payment link and maximize crypto payments for your business.

Click the link below to download the complete SwapinCollect Marketing Kit.

Once downloaded, you will find a comprehensive set of promotional materials that are ready to use.

Download the SwapinCollect Marketing Kit
SwapinCollect Marketing kit

The Marketing Kit includes various resources such as banners, social media content, email templates, stickers, and more. To assist you in effectively promoting your SwapinCollect payment link and attracting customers who prefer crypto payments, we have prepared a step-by-step guide that accompanies the Kit.

Add the crypto payment link to your invoices:

  • Make sure to include the SwapinCollect payment link in every invoice you issue to your customers.
  • Add a clear and prominent "Pay this invoice with crypto" hyperlink on each invoice.
  • Consider adding your SwapinCollect payment link to your salesperson's email signature.

Create a dedicated landing page or blog post:

  • Add a new section to your landing page specifically highlighting the benefits of paying with crypto using your SwapinCollect payment link.
  • Alternatively, create a blog post that educates your customers about the advantages of crypto payments and how to use your SwapinCollect payment link.

Utilize online banners:

  • Update your landing page with banners that inform customers about the new crypto payment option.
  • Use a set of banners in various popular sizes to attract attention from the Kit.
  • Ensure the banners lead customers to a dedicated landing page or a blog post.

Leverage social media:

  • Make announcements on your social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) about accepting payments in Bitcoin, Ether, USDC, and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Use our draft post and accompanying illustration to promote crypto payments.
  • Include a link to your landing page or blog post in the social media post for customers to learn more.

Implement email marketing:

  • If you have a list of subscribed customers who have given marketing consent, send them an email campaign highlighting the new crypto payment option.
  • Use our provided email template and accompanying illustration.
  • Include a link to your landing page or blog post in the email, allowing customers to explore further.

Display door stickers:

  • For offline businesses, use "We accept crypto" stickers on your doors to inform store visitors about the new payment option.
  • Use our ready-to-print sticker designs from the Kit to display prominently.

Add stickers to your goods:

  • If you sell items like cars, yachts, or electronics, consider placing "Buy me with crypto" stickers on the products to capture the attention of crypto-holding customers.
  • Download and print the item stickers provided in the Kit.

Distribute promo leaflets:

  • Place "We accept crypto" leaflets on your salespersons' tables.
  • Print the leaflet from the kit leaflet, and use plastic holders to ensure visibility.

By following these steps, you'll ensure that your customers are well-informed about the new payment option and ready to pay for your goods or services using crypto.