Swapin x Aufort: Enabling Crypto Payments for E-commerce

March 22, 2022
Swapin x Aufort: Enabling Crypto Payments for E-commerce

The idea of boosting E-commerce sales by enabling crypto as a payment method has been around since the dawn of digital assets. The reason there’s been a lack of solutions on the market is that integrating a crypto payment method into your UI is not a simple task, and the legal compliance around crypto and accounting keeps many businesses from taking this step forward.

Aufort Gold is an online metal investing platform that recently overcame those hurdles by adopting SwapinCheckout – a smart payment solution for e-shops and merchants. SwapinCheckout was integrated hassle-free into the Aufort platform, connecting their investment services to quite possibly one of the most promising audiences – crypto holders.

This groundbreaking tool gives Aufort access to several exclusive benefits, the first of which is a smooth, reliable, and fully E-regulation compliant gateway for crypto-to-fiat payments that allows Aufort to accept crypto payments. Another benefit is that those funds are received directly in their bank account after the crypto funds have cleared. 

Here’s how it works: Once a customer is ready to check out and pay for their purchase, SwapinCheckout will appear among all the traditional payment methods like credit cards, Paypal, etc. With SwapinCheckout, customers can pay using crypto such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and more. 

SwapinCheckout provides a wallet address, and once the customer sends the funds there and they clear, the merchant immediately receives the correct amount of euros directly to their corporate bank account without ever having to touch crypto themselves. Swapin handles the entire process of exchanging the crypto for fiat as well as depositing the fiat to a predetermined bank account so that merchants don’t face any accounting hassles. 

Another benefit is that Aufort is protected from market fluctuations as SwapinCheckout automatically adjusts the displayed price on the widget to the current rate and fixes it for 30 minutes. Aufort is guaranteed to receive the exact amount in fiat, while the buyer is also protected because the amount they owe in crypto is fixed for this period of time.

Thanks to Swapin, the company now gains access to a significantly wider audience than previously. Here is what Bert Ken Raudberg, the Founder of Aufort thinks of SwapinCheckout:

A quote by Bert Ken Raudberg

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