PiixPay: Use Cryptocurrency To Pay Family, Bills Or Send Money?

March 13, 2018

While cryptocurrencies are being adopted for a host of novel applications across the globe, it is still rare to see business owners paying monthly salaries in the form of digital assets such as Bitcoin, LitecoinEthereum.

With that being said, it should also be mentioned that in the past six months there have been many companies such as Bitwage, BitPay that have provided crypto holders with a new way of facilitating trade and exchange within a modern business context.

What Is PiixPay?

PiixPay is an all new “crypto-payment platform” that allows anyone to send and receive invoices in the form of digital assets across the globe. It makes use of a standardized currency rate so that customers can lock in a fixed exchange rate— thereby minimizing currency losses for all involved parties.

In term of its functionality, users need to start by entering their invoice specifics as well as their name and contact details. Once all of the paperwork is over, the payee needs to send across a fixed number of bitcoins to a specific wallet address that is provided to them.

After processing all of the data-sets, PiixPay then carries out the payment in the form of a SEPA bank transaction (using euro as its currency standard).

PiixPay Use Crypto To Pay Family, Bills Or Send Money Aspects

Economically Viable:

Owing to the various monetary regulations that exist within East Europe, SEPA transfers are usually cumbersome. However, PiixPay helps push these transactions in a way such that all invoices are cleared within a period of 1-3 working days.

Easy To Use For Merchants:

If users wish to apply for a merchant account, they can do so by sending the folks over at PiixPay an email describing the nature of their business setup, along with their contact details.

Open Source System:

The API used by PiixPay is open for everyone to utilize and modify as per their specifications and requirements.

PDF Invoicing Option:

As and when an invoice is generated, companies can directly forward these documents to the PiixPay processing module which will then scan the QR code and convert the payment amount into the correct number of Bitcoins (based on the current exchange rate).

Who Is Behind PiixPay?

PiixPay is the brainchild of Raivo Malter who is a professional IT consultant and entrepreneur. Raivo holds a degree in business administration and has been in the Bitcoin domain for over 6 years. He is also one of the founding members of the Estonian Cryptocurrency Association.

Similarly, Evald-Hannes Kree is the co-Founder of this platform. He too has been in the fintech sector for over half a decade and is currently working to acquire his Master’s degree in international business management.

How Do I Sign Up For PiixPay?

To start making transfers through PiixPay, users need to follow the instructions that are provided on the homescreen of the website.

The service is entirely free and can be made use of within a matter of minutes. Once all of the transactional details have been entered and the payment has been executed, users can then click on the “check payment” tab to keep a close watch on the status of their funds.

Original article at: https://bitcoincryptocurrency.com/piixpay/