PiixPay to Support Binance Customers with Crypto-to-Euro Withdrawals

Dear Customers,

We at PiixPay always strive to deliver the fastest, most convenient, and most reliable services for the crypto community. Due to the recent regulatory crackdown that occurred with Binance’s European payment provider, we’d like to support all crypto enthusiasts in this region with a stable crypto-to-EURO gateway.

As the EU clients of the leading crypto exchange might face inconveniences with SEPA bank transfer suspension, we’re here to provide you with reliable infrastructure for the crypto-to-IBAN cashout option. You’re welcome to take advantage of low fees and fast exchange for the following pairs:






The payout process with PiixPay is easy as you like! To initiate the crypto-to-Euro withdrawal, specify your name, IBAN, and the amount in EURO you want to get. In the following step, you’ll be provided with the address to transfer the selected cryptocurrency. Once the transaction appears in the blockchain, you’ll receive funds on your IBAN. That’s it!

The progressive discount program launched back this June will add extra benefits for users searching for the best crypto-to-Euro exchange rates. The recent implementation of SEPA Instant transfers to PiixPay will definitely impress you with the rapidity of the exchange process. 

Try it out!

Yours truly,

PiixPay Team

PiixPay Gives Gifts

Dear PiixPay Community,

This month we don’t have any significant reason to celebrate apart from the one that drives us to work hard on our product day by day. Of course, we mean your trust and convenience – probably, the most delightful reward for our efforts.

That is why we want to thank you for using PiixPay and commit ourselves to build further the financial service that you think of first when it comes to crypto-to-fiat payouts.

In the upcoming months, we will share some new amazing prospects with you, but for now, we want to say “Thank You!”

Here are the simple steps to enter the Giveaway: 

1. Open the Gleam form

2. Make sure you are subscribed to our Twitter 

3. Share the Giveaway tweet

That’s it! Five lucky winners will receive their money gifts to their USDT wallets. Don’t miss your chance to join their list!.

Introducing Progressive Discounts for Crypto-to-IBAN Payouts

Dear Piixpay customers,

We at Piixpay always strive to meet the demands of our customers. This is why we’ve decided to recalculate the current fee policy and present you with the progressive discount program for our “Payments” section.

Piixpay customers are welcome to take advantage of discounts for Crypto-to-EUR payments from now on. The introduction of progressive discounts makes crypto-to-IBAN payouts even more convenient and beneficial. From now on, all crypto-to-fiat payouts sized over 15 000 EUR will get an additional 14% discount, so the final exchange fee will be reduced to 1.5%. The most significant 31% advantage is available for the 30 000 EUR+ transfers, which proceed with a commission rate as low as 1.2% in cold figures. 

Crypto to Euro exchange

Paying bills in crypto has never been more accessible and beneficial. It is simple as this: submit the beneficiary name, IBAN, the amount in EUR, and a payment description, and choose from 5 cryptocurrencies supported. That’s it! 
Let your friend know about our advanced payment solutions and receive 50€!

Piixpay Celebrates 4-year Anniversary of First Crypto Real Estate Sale

This month Piixpay celebrates the 4th Anniversary of the first real estate item purchased using its services. It was already far 2017, and the industry landscape was different both within crypto and the property.

The latter used to be far away from the booming crypto, as agencies and average clients either didn’t know how beneficial bitcoin transactions could be or didn’t trust enough in promising but yet not matured blockchain-tech. 

Nevertheless, the first heralds of the upcoming changes were already noticeable, so the Piixpay client has paid for her Spanish apartment with crypto. Those were the early days for the crypto break-in to the prime real estate industry, and every single case was an occasion worth highlighting by the press. And so every single one was a kind of a scoop. 

For instance, the Ukrainian apartment bought by TechCrunch co-founder Mark Ginsburg via Ether-based smart contracts was covered by no less than Newsweek, where it was publicly claimed to be the first-ever real estate purchased with cryptos. We in Piixpay have one or two reasons to dispute their primacy, though. 

The following four years have completely turned the tables, so our days, the real estate industry has gone far on the way of blockchain adoption. The market is literally filled with niche startups, including ones really keeping in the public eye like Propy, Ubitquity, and some others. The client demand in paying with crypto is immensely high, and it is still growing. 

The Piixpay team and its service see no way to stand by, especially whilst holding a pioneering honor in this direction. This April shapes up to be fulfilled with amazing news, including the one we can already shed light on. 

As a follow-up to the trend set in 2017, the Piixpay team is glad to provide the local Estonian real estate brokers with access to dealing in crypto. Follow Piixpay in order not to miss the upcoming updates on the topic.

When DEFI meets FIAT

An outlook on a very potent but challenging synergy.

It started with a simple story.

A Swiss Fintech group integrated AAVE protocol into their system. It looked like just regular news in a bull market. But there’s more to that – a very important trend is shaping.

We are entering the time when institutions are bold enough to play with DEFI. And this is just the beginning.

So Why DEFI and FIAT, what’s the deal anyway?

Many use decentralized finance (DEFI) protocols. Their building blocks are stable coins. In essence, it’s the last bit that crypto needed – as soon as you have stable coins to be traded against volatile assets the loop closes. The best part of it – you don’t need FIAT.  You are part of one whole ecosystem. And the journey continues. You enter with DAI, you get ETH, you collateralize ETH and get a loan in USDC and place it YFI finance to earn more yield.

The money legos game can go on forever.

So why do we need FIAT when you have so many Crypto Dollars anyway working frictionless with other Crypto assets?

Reason 1. 

It’s not going to be like that forever.  

The Crypto Dollar in essence has its own laws that work well. However, stable coins have to find a way to comply with regulations. Even the no-real-dollar-asset-backed coins like DAI cannot avoid that. Ironically, the coins which are backed by USD in bank accounts have a bigger chance to succeed. This is the fact that accountability is much easier. And in the same time if they fail to be transparent they end up in a very difficult situation with authorities i.e. Tether.

Reason 2. 

FIAT is not going away (yet). 

We all like the idea of an economy run on Blockchain but the reality neither Crypto is going way, nor the Dollar. As users and entrepreneurs, we have to find a common ground and unite these economies. It sounds crazy, isn’t it?

Imagine where you can use your assets in Compound as collateral for your mortgage. This concept is hard to process due to the fact of so much bureaucracy and real assets that need to “move” but it has to be a milestone that Blockchain has to solve. (btw…there something cooking in that direction).

And yes, there’s going to be Dollar printing – Biden administration is not afraid of the big inflation ahead. But still, there are many economies that still peg and trust the Dollar. That’s the reality.

This leads to the next point:

How DEFI will meet FIAT and WHY?

Factor 1. 

Banks change due to user pressure (you’re thinking that’s unlikely but if customers move en masse, Banks will follow).

If 30% of customer calls in your banks is about Cryptocurrencies, then you’ll probably need a change.

But, we know – Banks don’t change – right? Thus, the truth is that they will turn into fintech companies, many will fail, others will innovate. Either way, they will be forced to work with Crypto and eventually open the gates to DEFI. This leads us to the next point.

Factor 2. 

DEFI has to embrace some regulatory framework i.e. the Degen’s nightmare. We know it sounds even crazier but a little of bit rules will actually create a much healthier environment. 

A bit of accountability and KYC is actually good for the industry. How many rugpools and hacks we had?

Permissionless and anonymity are good – however we are putting too much risks in the user basket creating a steep adoption curve.

Give the power to users and full responsibility? That’s good, but we as developers/entrepreneurs are obliged to create standards of safety. And this is very important for DEFI to prosper.

If those two factors are in place we can talk about a real merging between FIAT and DEFI. 

Leap in the future. 

No doubt, DEFI can take and disrupt the old legacy systems. Can we live without banks? Probably. 

Do we need Fintech companies? Yes. 

In an ideal world, the end-user is not going to feel either he/she uses decentralized or centralized solutions. 

The question is – can we bring good practices in DEFI like governance, voting power and apply it to the real economy? Legislators have to understand that. Customers too. After all, open finance is what we want. To pay bills with Crypto. To load their Sushi swap via an ATM. Incredible? it’s a matter of perspective.


Meanwhile if interested to try how to pay your bills with Crypto try Piixpay.

We made it easy.  

Piixpay Team 

Flash Payments – SEPA Instant is here!

Hey Peeps! 
We are kicking off 2021 with a bang!
And here’s the news – Your payments will be settled 5x faster!

But how?

As soon we received a confirmation from the blockchain – you or your recipients get EURO immediately. 

This is brought by the implementation of SEPA Instant settlements aka “Flash Payments” and we bet some of you already noticed it 😉

Please keep in mind that we still depend on working hours: 9 to 5 CET, Monday – Friday.

All the best and let’s get this 2021 speed up!

Try it out: http:// https://www.swapin.com/

Piixpay Team

Upcoming Bank Holidays

Dear customers,

Please note that there are Bank Holidays, so kindly suggesting to make your payments beforehand.

Bank Holidays as follows:

SEPA and UK Bank holidays:
          25th December 2020 – Christmas Day
          26th December 2020 – Christmas Holiday
          28th December 2020 – Boxing Day (substitute day)
          1st January 2021 – New Year’s Day
Payments made on the following dates will be processed until  1PM (UTC+2)
          24th December 2020 – Christmas Eve
          31st December 2020 – New Year’s Eve

Once again, we are wishing you Merry Christmas and a Successful 2021! 


Piixpay Team 

Invite and Earn 50€ – You and Your Friend

Hey guys,

TL;DR: Invite your friend and you and your friend will get 50€ service vouchers.

It’s been a long time since we didn’t talk about our referral. But you can create your own personal link with Piixpay to invite your friends. At the moment this will give you awesome discounts when making a transaction. So here’s where you can find it:

1.Go to “Rewards” in the menu.

Instafill Transaction
Rewards section

2. Type label i.e “facebook: and click – “Create a referral code”

Creating referral code for Facebook

3. Bellow in the table you can see your links

Entering the sign-up link for Facebook

What does it give you?

  • Every referral will give you: 50€ worth of service discounts for you and your friend.

Share the love!

Piixpay Team


Piixpay entering DeFi with Smartcredit.io

We are entering a new phase of Decentralised Finance by establishing a key partnership between Piixpay and Smartcredit.io

With the demand for DeFi products, we believe that the only way to provide those services to our customers is to really open Piixpay to promising players in the space.

Enter Smartcredit.io – a decentralised lending platform offering low collateralization with a fixed income approach.

What’s next?

A cross-integration between Smartcredit and Piixpay is in the works. We are delighted to see both teams very eager to complete the development. 

Here’s an overview of the plan.

Smartcredit.io widget will be integrated to Piixpay.com enabling Piixpay users to collateralize their ETH positions and get DAI stable coin.

On the other hand, Smartcredit users will be able to purchase directly crypto and cash-out to EURO within the same smartcredit.io interface using Piixpay.

With this, both teams aim for the best usability and at the same time, add complementary value to each product.

We are delighted to provide new ways of customers to lend/borrow crypto and experience the power of DeFi. We believe in financial freedom and so too our users will be able to truly benefit from it.


We aim to complete both integrations in December 2020. Stay tuned for more information on how to use both widgets.

Meanwhile, do visit:



Piixpay Team

BCH Forking – Avoid Transactions

Dear Piixpay Customers, 

Bitcoin Cash is forking. Therefore we kindly suggest avoid transacting
in the period of November 14-16. We will suspend temporarily the 
Bitcoin Cash transactions. The Rest of our Coins and Tokens will work as usual.

After the dust is settled you can process BCH as normal.

Piixpay Team