Swapin Adds Support For DAI Stablecoin, Expands List Of Cryptocurrencies

As part of the Swapin roadmap for 2022 and 2023, the company has sought to expand the list of digital assets we support for instant conversion into fiat. 

We are proud to announce support for yet another new crypto asset, the DAI stablecoin. 

Here is what you need to know about DAI support in Swapin solutions. 

Swapin Adds Support For DAI Stablecoin To All B2B & B2C Solutions 

Swapin currently supports a growing list of more than ten of the most popular digital assets in the crypto industry today. Beginning immediately, DAI will be added to the list of supported cryptocurrencies. 

When using Swapin B2B and B2C solutions, be sure to view the list of supported crypto assets and select DAI from the list to convert DAI into fiat currencies like EUR and GBP. 

Fiat currencies are then instantly transferred to a connected bank account like all Swapin crypto-to-fiat solutions. 

What Is DAI, And What Are Stablecoins?

DAI is an algorithmic stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain developed by the Maker Foundation. The DAI stablecoin seeks to maintain a value in parity with the United States dollar by leveraging smart contracts.

DAI joins other top stablecoins like Tether, USD Coin, and Service Coin, in addition to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. 

Swapin recently added GBP support on the fiat conversion side of our services. Other important forward-looking milestones from the roadmap include the debut of InstaBuy and a virtual IBAN implementation. We will also add support for additional cryptocurrencies. 

Stay Tuned For What’s Next From Swapin

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Swapin is a pioneer in crypto-to-payment solutions, catering to both B2C and B2B segments with a wide range of proprietary products and services. Click here for more information about Swapin or to join the Swapin team! Be sure to also check out the Swapin app and make your first deposit today to access the future of finance. 

Meet The Swapin Team: Chief Product Officer Edward Rebane

Previously, we introduced the Meet The Swapin Team series with an interview featuring Swapin Founder and CEO Evald-Hannes Kree. Kree shared the story of his early beginnings in crypto and where the idea for Swapin came from.

In this latest iteration of the blog series, we are pleased to introduce Swapin’s Chief Product Officer, Edward Rebane. 

swapin com team CPO

How Swapin CPO Edward Rebane Joined The Swapin Team 

Edward Rebane worked previously on the Swapin team as Product Owner, joining in 2022, and quickly emerged as a clear innovator in the crypto field. Much like other Swapin team members, Rebane is a long-time crypto enthusiast dating back to 2018.

“It’s a great motivation to be part of the ambitious crypto fintech project as I have also been a crypto enthusiast since 2018,” Rebane explained. “I have a generally good feeling about crypto adoption in upcoming years, which makes the Swapin challenge even more enjoyable and exciting,” he added.

Rebane is now joined by executives such as CTO Joonas Honga, Head of System Operations Märt Varatu, AML & Legal Officer Julia Tarmisto, and Founder and CEO Evald-Hannes Kree. Advisors include Covesting CEO Dimitrij Pruglo, Estateguru CEO Marek Pärtel, Angel Investor Toomas Römer, and Bankish CXO Ian Kalla.

The Career And Impact Of Edward Rebane, Swapin Chief Product Officer

Prior to his work at Swapin, Rebane worked as a software development team leader, focused on corporate clients and building startups in the e-commerce business category. Rebane’s experience in this area and excellence in creating complex web-based solutions has been critical to successfully building Swapin B2B solutions such as E-Com.

The Swapin CPO also in the past co-founded Chilli, the Baltic region’s largest discount website and booking platform, adored by over two million loyal customers. There, Rebane helped propel the company’s early success, especially during the earliest stages as a Product Owner and Business Developer.

As Swapin’s CPO, Edward Rebane has led several key developments related to Swapin’s B2B and B2C solutions and was an integral part of the recent application refresh to better align with the company’s rebranding and ambitious company roadmap. 

Stay Tuned To Swapin Updates And Learn More

Recently, Swapin also announced it has raised €1.88 in investments, and it is thanks to the talented individuals and innovations going on behind the scenes, which we’ll continue to introduce as part of the Meet The Swapin Team blog series. Swapin executives are working hard to establish significant partnerships, such as working with RE/MAX and E-Jewels.

Stay tuned to the Swapin blog for more updates on additional partnerships, as well as a closer look at additional Swapin team members in the weeks ahead. You can also follow Swapin on Facebook, Twitter, or on LinkedIn.

Be sure to also try Swapin and make your first deposit today and access the future of finance. Swapin is a pioneer in crypto-to-payment solutions, catering to both B2C and B2B segments with a wide range of proprietary products and services. Click here for more information about Swapin or to join the Swapin team!

Swapin For Business: E-Com Widget Explained

The business world has been ready to embrace emerging payment technologies like cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and more. Yet the entire system itself has been segregated from the traditional banking system, preventing wide-scale adoption and easy implementation. This is especially true for businesses that have additional concerns surrounding volatility, accounting, and regulatory compliance.

Fortunately for the future of finance, Swapin and its innovative B2C and B2B solutions are enabling consumers and businesses alike to connect to the world of crypto, tap into new audiences, and create additional revenue streams previously inaccessible. In this blog post, we are specifically looking at how Swapin’s E-Com widget can make accepting cryptocurrencies as a business – yet receiving fiat to a connected bank account – seamless, simple, and something businesses cannot afford to miss.

How Crypto Is Set To Replace Cash

The recent pandemic has forever changed the world and increasingly propelled it toward a cashless and all-digital future when it comes to finance. Bitcoin and the blockchain tech behind it created a world of borderless and decentralized opportunities with the potential to disrupt traditional finance as we know it.

The only problem is that the changing of the guard is never fast or painless. The current system won’t go down without a fight, and it is preventing cryptocurrencies from gaining rapid adoption. For example, because businesses don’t accept crypto, the only way for users to take advantage of its value is to cash it out into fiat. Companies struggle to accept crypto because, by the time they receive the payment, the price of the asset has changed so significantly.

Swapin B2B Solutions, E-Com Widget Explained

This is where Swapin crypto-to-fiat solutions come into play. Swapin currently offers the B2B sector two unique tools: E-Com and CoinCollector. Each tool allows businesses to accept crypto from their customers and clients, yet the funds are instantly and seamlessly converted into EUR (and in the future, GBP) and sent to a connected bank account. CoinCollector works via a payment link that allows users to pay in crypto, while E-Com is a widget that we’re using this blog post to explain in more detail.

E-Com is an innovative tool that lets businesses and merchants of all sizes and needs easily embed a payment widget into any online storefront or website. E-Com works as a plug-and-play tool compatible with top e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and others. Once implemented, customers and clients can make payments in crypto, but once again, the bank account specified by the business will immediately receive fiat instead. 

Why Businesses Choose Swapin Products And Services

Both CoinCollector and E-Com are instant services, so the price a customer pays is precisely what arrives in the business’s bank account. There is no fear of loss or frustration over volatility. The easily implementable system also takes care of all crypto compliance and accounting for the business, so there is no added stress or operational headaches.

Because the process is so easy and effective, Swapin B2B products and services have attracted world-renowned partners such as real estate giant RE/MAX, luxury jewelry retailer E-Jewels, and many others. These innovations allow crypto holders to spend their assets on homes, automobiles, watches, and other goods.

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Be sure also to try Swapin and make your first deposit today and access the future of finance. Swapin is a pioneer in crypto-to-payment solutions, catering to both B2C and B2B segments with a wide range of proprietary products and services. Click here for more information about Swapin or to join the Swapin team!

Check Out The Renewed & Revamped Swapin 2022-2023 Roadmap

The Swapin name (formerly PiixPay) isn’t the only thing that has been refreshed to better represent the results of a successful €1.68M funding round and a new team comprised of top industry talent – we are also proud to bring you a closer look at the ambitious new Swapin 2022-2023 company roadmap.

Here are all the exciting updates, features, products, and improvements Swapin users can expect throughout the course of the year ahead and beyond.

Q2 2022

Swapin Application Refresh v1.0

The Swapin development team is preparing an updated app experience with a completely new design and user interface experience. Several improvements have been added based on listening to customer feedback, market research, and extensive behavioral data analysis.

Affiliate Partner Program Debut

We want Swapin to grow, and we want you to be part of it! The Swapin affiliate program will allow our users to easily share a link that refers new users and businesses to the platform. Each new user will generate referral income. Users will be offered promotions to share with others and attract new signups to Swapin.

Multi-Currency Support

Currently, Swapin solutions support crypto-to-fiat payments denominated in euros. When crypto payments are received, a corresponding bank account will immediately receive euros. In the future, support for British pounds will be added. The update will also contain the infrastructure to support different currencies in the future faster.

Instabuy Feature

In addition to the already available B2C products – InstaFill and InstaPay – Swapin will release the InstaBuy feature that allows users to purchase any of the major cryptocurrencies in just a couple of clicks. Crypto assets will be immediately transferred to a provided wallet like MetaMask. Card payments will also be added through a partnership with payment gateway company Checkout.com.

Q3 2022

New Crypto Asset Support

For Swapin to become the bridge between crypto assets and traditional finance, many roads must lead to this bridge. By that, we mean we need to connect many assets, euros, and pounds on the fiat side and as many digital assets as possible on the crypto side of the equation. In Q3, Swapin will add several new altcoin cryptocurrency assets in addition to majors like BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.

Partner Widget Release 

The partner widget release will enable an on-ramp that allows clients with fiat to buy crypto, as well as an off-ramp solution for merchants and their clients to convert crypto profits from margin trading, NFTs, DeFi, Play-To-Earn, and more into cash. Debit card payments will also be accepted.

Merchant Portal

With Swapin’s B2B solutions growing rapidly, we will introduce an exclusive merchant portal for business owners or analysts to review transactions, manage customer data, and much more. Swapin’s goal is to allow businesses to access a full suite of crypto-to-fiat payment solutions on the same level as traditional finance.

Virtual IBAN

In Q3 2022, Swapin will introduce support for virtual IBAN accounts to truly bridge the gap between crypto payments and traditional finance on one platform. A virtual IBAN will allow clients to send money on their own behalf, and not on behalf of the company as it currently stands.

Q4 2022

Swift Payments

Swapin will – like many traditional, regulated financial entities – in the future, accept SWIFT payments. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT for short, is a global payments system that connects banks to other banks across borders and helps to transmit transaction instructions to financial institutions worldwide.

Multilingual Mobile App (Google Play, Apple App Store)

An all-new multilingual mobile app will roll out later this year as a free download via the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Swapin users will be able to access all of our innovative products and services from anywhere in the world, right from the palm of their hands.

Swapin Application Refresh v2.0

The main Swapin app will get yet another design update and refresh based on customer feedback, market demand, and internal company KPIs. Swapin developers are always hard at work on planning the next several phases of app updates. More improvements are slated for the future.

Updated E-Com Plugins For Major Platforms

Currently, E-Com, Swapin’s easy-to-integrate crypto-to-fiat payments widget, works as a plug-and-play setup compatible with several top e-commerce solutions like PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and others. In the future, this support will be expanded so that any business utilizing any platform can take advantage of Swapin payment solutions.

Q1 2023

Electronic Money Institution License

At the start of next year, Swapin expects to obtain an Electronic Money Institution license. An Electronic Money Institution license will allow Swapin to become a full-fledged payment service, mimicking many of the solutions major banks provide. Services include buying Bitcoin and exchanging it for EUR, for example, then making a transfer. It also opens the doors for things like wire transfers, bank cards, and other traditional products and services – further acting as a bridge into the world of crypto.

Check Swapin Official Channels For Roadmap Updates

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Be sure also to try Swapin and make your first deposit today and access the future of finance. Swapin is a pioneer in crypto-to-payment solutions, catering to both B2C and B2B segments with a wide range of proprietary products and services. Click here for more information about Swapin or to join the Swapin team!

PiixPay to Support Binance Customers with Crypto-to-Euro Withdrawals

Dear Customers,

We are at PiixPay always strive to deliver the fastest, convenient, and reliable services for the crypto community. Due to the recent regulatory crackdown that occurred with Binance’s European payment provider, we’d like to support all crypto enthusiasts in this region with a stable crypto-to-EURO gateway.

As the EU clients of the leading crypto exchange might face inconveniences with SEPA bank transfers suspension, we’re here to provide you with reliable infrastructure for the crypto-to-IBAN cashout option. You’re welcome to take advantage of low fees and fast exchange for the following pairs:






The payout process with PiixPay is easy as you like! To initiate the crypto-to-Euro withdrawal, simply specify your name, IBAN, and the amount in EURO you want to get. In the following step, you’ll be provided with the address to transfer the selected cryptocurrency. Once the transaction appears in the blockchain, you’ll receive funds on your IBAN. That’s it!

The progressive discount program launched back this June will add extra benefits for users searching for the best crypto-to-Euro exchange rates. The recent implementation of SEPA Instant transfers to PiixPay will definitely impress you with the rapidity of the exchange process. 

Try it out!

Yours truly,

PiixPay Team

Introducing Progressive Discounts for Crypto-to-IBAN Payouts

Dear Piixpay customers,

We at Piixpay always strive to meet the demands of our customers. This is why we’ve decided to recalculate the current fee policy and present you with the progressive discount program for our “Payments” section.

Piixpay customers are welcome to take advantage of discounts for Crypto-to-EUR payments from now on. The introduction of progressive discounts makes crypto-to-IBAN payouts even more convenient and beneficial. From now on, all crypto-to-fiat payouts sized over 15 000 EUR will get an additional 14% discount so that the final exchange fee reduces to 1.5%. The most significant 31% advantage is available for the 30 000 EUR+ transfers, which are proceed with the commission rate as low as 1.2% in cold figures.

Crypto to Euro exchange

Paying bills in crypto has never been more accessible and beneficial. It is simple as this: submit beneficiary name, IBAN, the amount in EUR, and a payment description and choose from 5 cryptocurrencies supported. That’s it! 
Let your friend know about our advanced payments solutions and receive 50€!