Swapin Adds Support For DAI Stablecoin, Expands List Of Cryptocurrencies

As part of the Swapin roadmap for 2022 and 2023, the company has sought to expand the list of digital assets we support for instant conversion into fiat. 

We are proud to announce support for yet another new crypto asset, the DAI stablecoin. 

Here is what you need to know about DAI support in Swapin solutions. 

Swapin Adds Support For DAI Stablecoin To All B2B & B2C Solutions 

Swapin currently supports a growing list of more than ten of the most popular digital assets in the crypto industry today. Beginning immediately, DAI will be added to the list of supported cryptocurrencies. 

When using Swapin B2B and B2C solutions, be sure to view the list of supported crypto assets and select DAI from the list to convert DAI into fiat currencies like EUR and GBP. 

Fiat currencies are then instantly transferred to a connected bank account like all Swapin crypto-to-fiat solutions. 

What Is DAI, And What Are Stablecoins?

DAI is an algorithmic stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain developed by the Maker Foundation. The DAI stablecoin seeks to maintain a value in parity with the United States dollar by leveraging smart contracts.

DAI joins other top stablecoins like Tether, USD Coin, and Service Coin, in addition to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. 

Swapin recently added GBP support on the fiat conversion side of our services. Other important forward-looking milestones from the roadmap include the debut of InstaBuy and a virtual IBAN implementation. We will also add support for additional cryptocurrencies. 

Stay Tuned For What’s Next From Swapin

Stay connected to the Swapin blog for more updates on upcoming Swapin roadmap milestones. You can also follow Swapin on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, or on LinkedIn.

Swapin is a pioneer in crypto-to-payment solutions, catering to both B2C and B2B segments with a wide range of proprietary products and services. Click here for more information about Swapin or to join the Swapin team! Be sure to also check out the Swapin app and make your first deposit today to access the future of finance. 

InstaBuy Preview: A First Look At Swapin’s Upcoming Crypto-Purchasing Tool

The Swapin blog is always the best official channel to follow for the latest company or roadmap developments or new product announcements. Today, we are proud to offer a first look preview at Swapin’s upcoming crypto-purchasing tool: InstaBuy.

Swapin Sets The Stage For Another Roadmap Milestone

The Swapin team is ready for yet another major milestone, and will soon launch the much-anticipated InstaBuy crypto-purchasing tool. InstaBuy will join the Swapin lineup in the coming months, and will be featured in the Swapin app in addition to the existing lineup of InstaFill, InstaPay, and Predefined payments.

Swapin also has redefined the way businesses approach the crypto audience, with the easy-to-implement E-Com plug-and-play ecommerce widget and CoinCollector – a way for customers to pay with crypto with a pre-filled payment link. All Swapin B2B tools seamlessly convert crypto-to-fiat and deposit it into a corporate IBAN account.

Introducing InstaBuy: A First-Look Preview

The InstaBuy solution will allow Swapin users to purchase top cryptocurrencies using a debit card or credit card. Swapin’s list of supported cryptocurrencies includes:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • USDT ERC-20
  • USDT TRC-20
  • USDC ERC-20
  • DAI ERC-20
  • Service Coin (ESCT)

The process is simple. Visit the Swapin app and find InstaBuy in the header section. Click InstaBuy and on the next page select the cryptocurrency you would like to purchase and the amount in fiat you would like to spend on digital assets. The InstaBuy tool will calculate the exchange rate and display the information for the customer to confirm before proceeding with the purchase.

After confirming all of the information is correct, begin the next steps to enter payment information. Swapin is a trusted, licensed financial services provider established in Europe, utilizing cutting edge security measures to keep customer funds safe. Once the transaction has been processed, a confirmation will display and the transaction will be added to the History section of the Swapin account.

Stay Tuned To The Swapin Blog For Launch Details

Stay tuned to the Swapin blog for more information on the upcoming InstaBuy tool and details of its highly anticipated launch. You can also follow Swapin on Facebook, Twitter, or on LinkedIn.

Be sure to also try Swapin and make your first deposit today and access the future of finance. Swapin is a pioneer in crypto-to-payment solutions, catering to both B2C and B2B segments with a wide range of proprietary products and services. Click here for more information about Swapin or to join the Swapin team!

Swapin Adds GBP Currency Support To B2C Solutions

When we announced the Swapin company roadmap for 2022 and 2023, we set our sights first on enabling support for GBP in addition to EUR. Other important forward-looking milestones from the roadmap include the debut of InstaBuy, new crypto asset support, and a virtual IBAN implementation. 

We are proud to reveal that GBP support is now live across all Swapin B2C products and services. 

The Swapin Guide To All-New GBP Support

Starting today, Swapin users can specify between receiving and sending EUR or GBP when using either InstaPay or InstaFill. GBP support will also be available for InstaBuy when the new tool for instant crypto purchase launches later this year. 

Selecting between EUR or GBP settlement will update the exchange rate calculation to reflect the chosen fiat currency. Each type of fiat currency is also noted in the Swapin account history. 

When using InstaPay, the receiver you specify can now receive GBP or EUR — depending on the situation or need. If you rely on InstaFill to top up an account with cash, you now have the choice between GBP and EUR. 

Stay Tuned To Swapin Updates And Learn More

Be sure to stay connected to the Swapin blog for more updates on upcoming Swapin roadmap milestones. You can also follow Swapin on Facebook, Twitter or on LinkedIn.

Check out the Swapin app and make your first move today to access the future of finance. Swapin is a pioneer in crypto-to-fiat solutions, catering to both B2C and B2B segments with a wide range of proprietary products and services. Click here for more information about Swapin or to join the Swapin team!

The Benefits Of Swapin Affiliate Program For Business Partners

The Swapin brand is rapidly growing all across Europe and the globe, establishing significant partnerships with companies like RE/MAX, E-Jewels, and Aufort Gold, to name just a few. Businesses can dramatically increase revenue streams by tapping into the cryptocurrency audience using innovative B2B solutions.

But businesses can also benefit from Swapin another way: through the Swapin Affiliate Program. This article will explain all the key features of the program that are attractive to companies of all sizes.

What Is Swapin?

To start, Swapin is a trusted and regulated finance company focusing on crypto-to-fiat payments that are secure, legally compliant, and convenient for users of all kinds. Swapin has a wide range of B2C and B2B solutions and just introduced the first look at its InstaBuy crypto-purchasing tool.

The new InstaBuy tool is just one of the features that businesses can promote to take advantage of the Swapin Affiliate Program and earn extra revenue and income from any users referred to the platform.

Why Join The Swapin Affiliate Program?

Swapin offers businesses a way to drive stable earnings by introducing other companies and individuals to the Swapin platform and family of products and services. Up to a 25% revenue share is offered for some of the highest commissions in the industry.

The Affiliate Program is easy to get started! Become a partner by signing up with a Swapin business account and get an affiliate link to share. Invite users or drive click-throughs via websites, social media, YouTube videos, or elsewhere. If the user signs up, you earn a profit share from every transaction the invited user makes.

How Does Swapin Benefit Business Customers?

Swapin is easy to promote due to the extremely high demand for convenient crypto-to-fiat services. Swapin offers instant payouts and withdrawals of earnings in crypto or to a corporate IBAN account.

The Swapin Affiliate Program also provides business partners with five-star customer support and robust reporting to track performance and review metrics or payment history. Swapin solutions are ideal for advertising to e-commerce websites, crypto miners, NFT artists, DeFi farmers, real-estate developers, project foundations, luxury goods dealers, and more.

Get The Swapin Affiliate Program Today

To sign up for the Swapin Affiliate Program or to learn more, visit the official Swapin website. Be sure to also check out the Swapin app and familiarize yourself with the product lineup – the more you know, the more your revenue will grow as a result!

Swapin Research: The Future Of Real Estate Transactions With Crypto

A recent partnership between Swapin and real estate giant RE/MAX has the cryptocurrency community pumped and thinking ahead of what the future of real estate transactions may hold when combined with the power of crypto. 

The latest Swapin Research compares the growing crypto industry with the positively enormous real estate market and the incredible promise and disruptive power of the internet. 

Here is what you need to know about Swapin solutions, the monumental RE/MAX partnership, and the future of real estate transactions using cryptocurrencies. 

How The $1 Trillion Crypto Market Can Change The $350 Trillion Real Estate Market

According to Swapin research, the global real estate market is one of the largest and most important in the world, worth more than $350 trillion in value. The investment class has seen exponential growth in the United States, China, Europe, and elsewhere globally. 

Today, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization is worth roughly $1 trillion by comparison. Although the value might seem insignificant in absolute dollar terms, it represents tremendous growth potential in the emerging asset class. Investors have reaped the benefits of real estate growth for hundreds of years, while cryptocurrencies have barely been around for over a decade and are only just getting started. 

When the new payment technology eventually reaches its potential, it could also have a transformative effect on the real estate industry, which is why the RE/MAX and Swapin partnership is such a significant milestone event for both sectors and beyond. 

How The RE/MAX And Swapin Partnership Is The First Major Step Toward Change

The partnership has RE/MAX leveraging Swapin’s CoinCollector technology. Using CoinCollector, customers receive an easy-to-use crypto payment link with pre-filled information to make the experience simple. Exchanges can be fulfilled to buy residential or commercial real estate globally in a few clicks. 

All Swapin solutions instantly convert cryptocurrencies into fiat, which is connected directly to a business bank account. Swapin handles the conversion process immediately and without a need for crypto-focused accounting or compliance — Swapin takes care of it all. 

The frictionless process only takes seconds from start to finish. RE/MAX or whatever business that is utilizing the tool never has to hold crypto — the crypto is converted seamlessly and integrated into the realm of traditional finance. 

Get A Closer Look At The Innovative Swapin Solutions Offered Today

CoinCollector and E-Com represent the B2B segment of the company’s crypto-to-fiat products and services. There are also several innovative B2C tools, which include InstaFill, InstaPay, and Predefined Payments. 

InstaFill lets users connect a bank account to a unique Swapin crypto wallet. The moment any crypto assets hit that wallet, they are instantly converted to fiat currencies and sent to the associated bank account. 

InstaPay allows users to pay anyone at any time using crypto that is instantly converted into fiat. Predefined Payments lets users make recurring InstaPay transactions with easy-to-use templates. Cover monthly bills like rent, utilities, internet, and more.  

See For Yourself What Swapin Is All About

The cryptocurrency market still comes with many barriers and gaps that are left for innovative companies to fill. Swapin solutions are doing just that for major brands in significant consumer segments like real estate, luxury goods, and much more.

To see for yourself what Swapin is all about, be sure to visit the official website or try the app today.

New Swapin App Released, Enhanced Convenience For Corporate Clients

When Swapin revealed its updated development roadmap several weeks ago, among the many milestones we have planned in the months ahead, we anticipated releasing an application update before the end of Q2.

We are proud to reveal that the new app update is now live, improving the entire user experience and interface as a whole, with an added focus on enhancing the convenience for corporate and business clients during onboarding.

New App Design Now Live, Redesigned User Interface

The Swapin app has received a visual redesign to better align with the recent rebranding from Piixpay to Swapin and to best reflect our ambitious company roadmap. The user interface and experience have been thoroughly upgraded for increased usability and simplicity. Great care has gone into making the experience smoother for all users.

The Swapin app is the gateway to our lineup of innovative B2B and B2C services, making it a critical focus of our development teams. Further app updates and improvements are planned for the future. 

B2B solutions include the E-Com e-commerce widget and CoinCollector – a tool that allows invoice-based businesses to issue a payment link with payment information pre-filled for ease of use. Connecting to the crypto audience is proven lucrative for luxury brands or companies dealing with high-price assets like real estate, cars, or gold.

B2C solutions include InstaPay and InstaFill, enabling users to make recurring, predefined payments, pay bills, rent, utilities, and more, or send one-off payments to landlords or service providers. Such services can also be used to pay employee salaries or daily corporate expenses.

Improved Business Onboarding Process Benefits Corporate Clients

Prior to the latest app update, opening a business account with Swapin required an active email exchange with an account representative, causing unnecessary delays and back and forth conversations. The new Swapin app now features an easy-to-use online form for opening business accounts, making the onboarding process quick and straightforward. 

At the convenience of the business, users can access an online form and complete the required AML/KYC process and any associated account verification steps. After the account is verified and the onboarding process is completed, business users can instantly take advantage of Swapin B2B and B2C crypto-to-fiat payment tools.

Businesses benefit from avoiding the overhead and risk related to accepting cryptocurrencies. Volatility, compliance, and more are all handled safely by licensed Swapin tools. Any crypto payments made using the B2B solutions offered by Swapin are immediately converted to EUR and transferred to a connected IBAN account.

Current Swapin business partners include real estate company RE/MAX, investment firm Aufort Gold, luxury diamond retailer E-Jewels, and many more. Visit Swapin.com to learn more how Swapin B2B and B2C solutions can benefit your business.

Try The New App And Follow Official Swapin Channels

The new Swapin app is now live on the official website. Both individuals and businesses are invited to check it out. We hope business and corporate clients find the new online form system valuable and convenient.

Stick with the official Swapin blog for more details on exclusive Swapin B2B and B2C solutions, as well as announcements of any new partnerships in the future. You can also follow Swapin on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or on LinkedIn.

Be sure also to try Swapin and make your first deposit today and access the future of finance. Swapin is a pioneer in crypto-to-payment solutions, catering to both B2C and B2B segments with a wide range of proprietary products and services. Click here for more information about Swapin or to join the Swapin team!

When DEFI meets FIAT

An outlook on a very potent but challenging synergy.

It started with a simple story.

A Swiss Fintech group integrated AAVE protocol into their system. It looked like just regular news in a bull market. But there’s more to that – a very important trend is shaping.

We are entering the time when institutions are bold enough to play with DEFI. And this is just the beginning.

So Why DEFI and FIAT, what’s the deal anyway?

Many use decentralized finance (DEFI) protocols. Their building blocks are stable coins. In essence, it’s the last bit that crypto needed – as soon as you have stable coins to be traded against volatile assets the loop closes. The best part of it – you don’t need FIAT.  You are part of one whole ecosystem. And the journey continues. You enter with DAI, you get ETH, you collateralize ETH and get a loan in USDC and place it YFI finance to earn more yield.

The money legos game can go on forever.

So why do we need FIAT when you have so many Crypto Dollars anyway working frictionless with other Crypto assets?

Reason 1. 

It’s not going to be like that forever.  

The Crypto Dollar in essence has its own laws that work well. However, stable coins have to find a way to comply with regulations. Even the no-real-dollar-asset-backed coins like DAI cannot avoid that. Ironically, the coins which are backed by USD in bank accounts have a bigger chance to succeed. This is the fact that accountability is much easier. And in the same time if they fail to be transparent they end up in a very difficult situation with authorities i.e. Tether.

Reason 2. 

FIAT is not going away (yet). 

We all like the idea of an economy run on Blockchain but the reality neither Crypto is going way, nor the Dollar. As users and entrepreneurs, we have to find a common ground and unite these economies. It sounds crazy, isn’t it?

Imagine where you can use your assets in Compound as collateral for your mortgage. This concept is hard to process due to the fact of so much bureaucracy and real assets that need to “move” but it has to be a milestone that Blockchain has to solve. (btw…there something cooking in that direction).

And yes, there’s going to be Dollar printing – Biden administration is not afraid of the big inflation ahead. But still, there are many economies that still peg and trust the Dollar. That’s the reality.

This leads to the next point:

How DEFI will meet FIAT and WHY?

Factor 1. 

Banks change due to user pressure (you’re thinking that’s unlikely but if customers move en masse, Banks will follow).

If 30% of customer calls in your banks is about Cryptocurrencies, then you’ll probably need a change.

But, we know – Banks don’t change – right? Thus, the truth is that they will turn into fintech companies, many will fail, others will innovate. Either way, they will be forced to work with Crypto and eventually open the gates to DEFI. This leads us to the next point.

Factor 2. 

DEFI has to embrace some regulatory framework i.e. the Degen’s nightmare. We know it sounds even crazier but a little of bit rules will actually create a much healthier environment. 

A bit of accountability and KYC is actually good for the industry. How many rugpools and hacks we had?

Permissionless and anonymity are good – however we are putting too much risks in the user basket creating a steep adoption curve.

Give the power to users and full responsibility? That’s good, but we as developers/entrepreneurs are obliged to create standards of safety. And this is very important for DEFI to prosper.

If those two factors are in place we can talk about a real merging between FIAT and DEFI. 

Leap in the future. 

No doubt, DEFI can take and disrupt the old legacy systems. Can we live without banks? Probably. 

Do we need Fintech companies? Yes. 

In an ideal world, the end-user is not going to feel either he/she uses decentralized or centralized solutions. 

The question is – can we bring good practices in DEFI like governance, voting power and apply it to the real economy? Legislators have to understand that. Customers too. After all, open finance is what we want. To pay bills with Crypto. To load their Sushi swap via an ATM. Incredible? it’s a matter of perspective.


Meanwhile if interested to try how to pay your bills with Crypto try Piixpay.

We made it easy.  

Piixpay Team