Lunar Strategy x Swapin: Fast Crypto-to-Fiat Conversions for Businesses

Lunar Strategy, a Web3 native marketing agency, specializes in guiding projects across the crypto landscape. Their services encompass everything from crafting effective go-to-market strategies to establishing industry authority and building Web3 growth initiatives. However, like many businesses in the Web3 industry, Lunar faced a series of challenges when it came to managing their crypto assets and converting them to fiat currency.

In this case study, we dive into the challenges Lunar encountered in their business operations and how Swapin’s product, SwapinGet, emerged as the answer to greater operational efficiency, reducing costs, saving time and hassle for Lunar. This partnership exemplifies the transformative potential of choosing the right crypto-to-fiat payment provider for your business.

The Challenge: Complex Crypto Conversion Processes

Lunar Strategy faced several challenges as a business when it came to managing their crypto assets and converting them to fiat currency:

  1. Managing Multiple Wallets: Working with a diverse clientele, each with unique preferences for paying with different cryptocurrencies on various blockchain networks, including ERC20 and BEP20, posed a significant challenge to Lunar. Managing this array of crypto assets efficiently while avoiding the possible security risks of keeping large amounts of funds on exchanges was a major hurdle.
  2. Exchange Limitations: Exchanges imposed limitations on business withdrawals, forcing Lunar to resort to third-party payment processors. This added another layer of complexity, increased operational costs, and introduced additional intermediaries, making the crypto-to-fiat withdrawal process tiresome and cost-inefficient.
  3. Long Conversion Processes: Converting crypto-to-fiat into their business bank account was a time-consuming process for Lunar. The delays in accessing their funds affected their business operations and added even more uncertainty into their financial planning.

The Solution: Fast Crypto-to-Fiat Conversions with Swapin

In their search for a reliable and trustworthy solution, Lunar Strategy discovered Swapin, a non-custodial crypto-to-fiat payment provider that resolved their challenges and also improved their business operations. By using SwapinGet, Lunar can convert their cryptocurrencies when needed to fiat currencies, like EUR or GBP, to use for their business expenses and invoice settlements. Additionally, Lunar sometimes uses SwapinPay to pay for EUR invoices directly using their cryptocurrencies.

The main benefits Lunar has experienced using Swapin’s products are:

  1. Reduced Fees: SwapinGet significantly reduced the fees associated with crypto-to-fiat transactions, resulting in notable cost savings. This enabled Lunar to allocate more resources to other aspects of their business.
  2. Fast Crypto-to-Fiat Conversions: The standout feature of SwapinGet is the speed in withdrawing crypto to EUR. During regular business hours, euros arrive in their bank account within minutes of initiating the crypto transactions. This has eliminated unnecessary delays and enabled Lunar to access their funds in fiat almost instantly.
  3. Pay Fiat Invoices using Crypto: Using SwapinPay, Lunar is able to pay for some of their fiat invoices in crypto directly. Payments are quick and easy as the recipient receives EUR immediately in their bank account on behalf of Lunar’s name thanks to Swapin’s Dedicated IBANs feature.

Tim Haldorsson, CEO of Lunar Strategy, highlighted the significance of Swapin’s solutions:

“Swapin is the most reliable solution we’ve found to convert crypto to fiat within minutes. We first found Swapin 8 months ago and now it’s an integral part of our daily operations whenever we need to withdraw crypto to our business bank account or pay fiat invoices using crypto. We wholeheartedly recommend Swapin for projects seeking for a reliable solution to streamline your crypto-to-fiat transactions.”

You can watch Tim’s full video testimonial on Youtube:


The partnership between Lunar Strategy and Swapin has effectively tackled Lunar’s previous crypto-related challenges. This collaboration serves as an example of how Swapin simplifies the connection between crypto and banks, helping businesses like Lunar to effortlessly withdraw their crypto assets into fiat currencies, such as EUR or GBP, or pay fiat invoices using crypto. In doing so, Swapin’s solutions not only save valuable time and resources, but also alleviate the stress for business owners, providing them with a dependable and efficient crypto-to-fiat off-ramping solution. 

If you are a business that is looking for a fast and easy crypto-to-fiat conversions, then Swapin has the solution for you. Schedule a call with Mike, our Business Development Manager, to learn more about how we can help you streamline your financial operations and fuel your business growth.

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Accept Crypto Payments and Boost Business Growth: AUTOTAU x Swapin Case Study

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the automotive industry is also adapting to new technologies that revolutionize traditional payment methods. AUTOTAU, operating in the automotive industry since 2015, specializes in buying and selling cars from Europe and the US. They have recently begun to accept crypto payments to cater to a larger market. By partnering with Swapin, a trusted crypto payment gateway, they have successfully integrated Swapin’s solutions into their operations, enabling easy crypto-to-fiat payments. In this case study, we explore how AUTOTAU leverages SwapinGet to enhance their business growth and reach a wider market of customers.

Finding the Right Crypto Payment Gateway Provider

AUTOTAU’s commitment to providing extensive purchasing options for their clients led them to explore crypto payment solutions. They wanted to gain a competitive edge in their industry and stay ahead of the game by also accepting cryptocurrency payments to cater to a new market of crypto enthusiasts. AUTOTAU’s search for a reliable platform that facilitates crypto-to-fiat payments led them to Swapin, a crypto payment gateway providing businesses with reliable crypto off-ramping solutions. As a licensed and regulated payment solution operating in the EU, Swapin offered AUTOTAU the security and reliability they were seeking. 

Moreover, AUTOTAU is optimistic about the EU gradually regulating crypto more and more, especially the upcoming MiCA (Markets in Crypto-Assets Act) framework set to take effect soon in the EU, which will bring better clarity, transparency, and security to the realm of digital assets. This will help eliminate any additional concerns for businesses and individuals seeking to use crypto payment providers.

Facilitating Easy Crypto-to-Fiat Payments for Customers

By leveraging Swapin’s solutions, AUTOTAU has expanded their payment methods and seamlessly incorporated crypto-to-fiat payment processing into their business operations. They are now able to facilitate easy and smooth cryptocurrency payments for their customers using Swapin. With Swapin handling the conversion and transfer directly to AUTOTAU’s bank account in EUR, the process is stress-free for them.

AUTOTAU mostly utilizes the SwapinGet solution to increase their payment capabilities by accepting crypto payments to their own crypto wallet. Then they can convert cryptocurrencies into EUR to their bank account whenever needed. This flexibility allows AUTOTAU to adapt to the market and optimize their financial operations, no longer having to worry about long and complex transaction processes.

AUTOTAU also has the readiness for the SwapinCollect solution, which allows the merchant to plan their cash flow and accept crypto payments from clients while receiving EUR directly to their bank account. Thanks to Swapin’s help and the variety of solutions available for integrating crypto payments into business operations, AUTOTAU has been able to reach and serve new customers with ease.

AUTOTAU’s Experience with Swapin: Quick and Reliable Service

Here are some key highlights from AUTOTAU’s experience with Swapin’s solutions:

  • Quick and Reliable Customer Support: AUTOTAU is extremely pleased with Swapin’s reliable and highly responsive customer support, who is always ready to assist when needed. Each business customer has their own dedicated manager who supports them during onboarding and takes care of them when required. While they do express the desire for Swapin’s services to become available 24/7, 365 days a year, their current experience has been very satisfactory.
  • Fast Transaction Speed: AUTOTAU expresses great satisfaction with Swapin’s transaction speeds. Although they do not have instant SEPA transfers yet, the process is still quick and efficient, ultimately boosting AUTOTAU’s overall operational performance. In the case of instant SEPA bank accounts, 95% of Swapin’s transactions are done in minutes, no matter the day or time.
  • Products: Swapin’s solutions have exceeded AUTOTAU’s expectations, allowing them to easily accept crypto payments and convert cryptocurrencies. They find all of Swapin’s products easy to use, and the user interface design is simple yet effective.

“Crypto, blockchain, and Web 3.0 are transforming everything, including the automotive business. A few years ago, paying for goods or services with a phone connected to GPay or ApplePay was considered groundbreaking. In 2023, it has become the new normal. So why can’t we pay for cars with crypto? No more waiting 1-3 working days for bank transfers. With crypto and Swapin services, you become the decision-maker. Your crypto, your power. Use it.”


Conclusion: Business Growth by Accepting Crypto Payments

AUTOTAU’s partnership with Swapin highlights the value of using crypto-to-fiat payment solutions for businesses. By integrating SwapinGet and SwapinCollect into their operations, AUTOTAU successfully provides a secure and convenient experience for their clients who wish to pay for their cars with crypto. Swapin’s commitment to delivering reliable, quick, and user-friendly solutions has helped AUTOTAU expand their business growth, serving as an inspiration for other businesses.

If you are ready to tap into the world of crypto-to-fiat payments and maximize your business potential, explore Swapin’s crypto payment solutions today and schedule a call with Mike Tiffin, our Business Development Manager.

JHELY x Swapin Case Study: Integrating Crypto-to-Fiat Payments for Business Success

In the rapidly progressing world of digital payments, finding efficient solutions can be a challenge for businesses. For JHELY, a renowned group specializing in real estate, travel, and fintech/digital products across Latin America and Europe, the search for a smooth crypto-to-fiat payments provider led them to Swapin. In this case study, we explore how JHELY overcame their pain points and optimized their transactions through Swapin’s solutions. 

The Challenge: Bridging the Gap between Fiat and Crypto

Being an EU-registered company, JHELY primarily dealt with fiat payments for ease of accounting. However, they encountered a challenge when clients expressed a desire to pay in cryptocurrencies. Wanting to avoid the complexities of handling crypto themselves, JHELY sought a dependable solution for their customers. That led them to Swapin, a trusted partner providing businesses with crypto-to-fiat payment solutions.

The Solution: Facilitating Easy Crypto-to-Fiat Payments

Thanks to Swapin, JHELY is now able to facilitate seamless crypto-to-fiat transactions. SwapinCollect is their go-to solution for effortlessly accepting crypto payments from clients and receiving EUR directly to their bank account. Additionally, SwapinPay is helping JHELY to pay EUR invoices with crypto to some of their providers. Occasionally JHELY also uses SwapinGet to convert their crypto assets into fiat.

JHELY’s Experience with Swapin: A Smooth and Reliable Solution

Here are some key highlights from JHELY’s experience with Swapin:

  • Minimal Customer Support Needs: Swapin’s user-friendly interface and smooth services have eliminated the need for customer support. JHELY has been able to effortlessly navigate the platform and run the operations without any hindrances. 
  • Fast Transaction Speed: JHELY expresses satisfaction with Swapin’s transaction speeds. In most cases, transfers are immediate, with the longest taking just a few hours to complete. This efficiency enhances JHely’s overall operational performance.
  • Products: Swapin’s solutions have met JHELY’s expectations, allowing them to easily accept crypto payments, settle invoices, and convert cryptocurrencies. This reliability has instilled confidence in JHELY, creating a positive experience for both their team and clients. 

We use Swapin services at JHELY GLOBAL to collect payments in a regulatory-compliant way from some of our crypto-native clients for our blockchain software development services. We chose Swapin as this is the only solution we found that operationally works smoothly from our side, but is also painless for our clients.

Marcin Zduniak, Co-Founder of JHELY Consulting

Conclusion: Unlocking Business Potential through Crypto-to-Fiat Payments

JHELY’s partnership with Swapin highlights the value of using crypto-to-fiat payment solutions for businesses. By integrating SwapinCollect, SwapinPay, and SwapinGet into their financial operations, JHELY successfully overcame the challenges they were facing with crypto payments, providing a secure and seamless experience for their clients while ensuring regulatory compliance. Swapin’s commitment to delivering reliable, secure, and user-friendly solutions has helped JHELY to expand their business growth, serving as an inspiration for other businesses.

If you are ready to tap into the world of crypto-to-fiat payments and maximize your business potential, explore Swapin’s crypto payment solutions today and schedule a call with Kate, our Business Development Manager.

Swapin x RE/MAX: Bridging Crypto and Real Estate

No matter what your business is, Swapin’s flexible crypto-to-fiat solutions can take your business to a whole new level by allowing you to accept crypto as a payment method without any of the associated risks and hassles.

Things like the volatility of the market and the hassle with accounting can make businesses reluctant to work with crypto. For a while now, the real estate market has been dipping its toes into the crypto world by allowing properties to be sold for digital assets, but this adoption is slow due to the issues mentioned above.

In spite of these concerns, RE/MAX – an international real estate company – is diving head first into the world of crypto thanks to SwapinCollect, a tool from Swapin that allows buyers to use their digital assets to purchase property, while protecting both sides from market fluctuations. Let’s take a look at how this solution works in practice.

Imagine the seller of a property only wants to accept payments in euro for the property they are selling, but an interested buyer is looking to pay with their Bitcoin. Usually, this would make a sale between the two parties impossible. But with SwapinCollect, the buyer can purchase the property in Bitcoin, while the seller receives the funds in euro immediately to their bank once the transfer is complete.

Using this Swapin feature, the seller sends a unique payment link to the buyer, who then enters the agreed-upon euro amount. The buyer then chooses the cryptocurrency with which they want to pay – in this example, Bitcoin – and SwapinCollect calculates the exact amount in BTC equivalent to the fiat sum. 

After this is done, the buyer receives details on both the exact sum in Bitcoin and the wallet address to which they will transfer it. That BTC/EURO exchange rate is then locked for 30 min so that the buyer doesn’t suffer from any market fluctuations. The seller is also protected because once the funds have been successfully transferred, the agreed-upon amount in euros will hit the seller’s bank account within the next few minutes. It’s that simple!

Ruslan Gulida, the Estonian regional manager of RE/MAX explained how Swapin helped expand his business and grow sales by adding a crypto payment method.

Swapin x RE/MAX partnership

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