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February 2024 Investor Report

February 2024 Investor Report

March 5, 2024

February has been a month of strategic advancements and partnerships for Swapin, building on the strong start of 2024. Our commitment to bridging the gap between crypto and traditional banking has driven significant progress in February, so here’s a quick overview of Swapin’s key achievements and updates from last month. Transaction Growth February saw a […]

January 2024 Investors Report

January set a promising pace for Swapin in 2024, characterized by growth and active community engagement, marking a strong start to the year. As we continue to bridge the worlds of crypto and traditional banking, here is a snapshot of Swapin’s main achievements and developments from January. Key Highlights: Transaction Growth The number of unique […]

December 2023 investor's report

December 2023 Investors Report

January 8, 2024

December was pivotal for Swapin, concluding a year of significant progress and innovation. As we continue to bridge the worlds of crypto and traditional banking, here are Swapin’s main achievements and developments from last month. Key Highlights: 1. Financial Growth Achieved an impressive €1.5M turnover in just the first two weeks of December from our […]

November 2023 investor's report

November 2023 Investors Report

December 15, 2023

November was a successful month for Swapin, marked by impressive achievements and global outreach. We continue to make significant strides in connecting the worlds of crypto and traditional banking, especially with our latest solution SwapinWidget gaining traction among Web3 platforms. Key Highlights: In the last week of November alone, our off-ramp solutions (SwapinPay and SwapinGet) […]

October 2023 Investors Report

November 3, 2023

This October 2023, Swapin has seen substantial growth in on-ramp transactions following the release of our new SwapinBuy feature last month. We have also been focused on enhancing the SwapinWidget customer experience and advancing the development of the Swapin Partners API. Key Numbers We’re excited to share significant growth in the following areas this month: […]

September 2023 investor report

October 4, 2023

September brought some exciting developments to Swapin. We launched the SwapinBuy product, allowing our customers from the EEA, UK, and Switzerland to buy crypto with ease using their Dedicated IBANs. We also welcomed Dmitrij Pustovalov as our new Head of Sales and hosted the Web3 Chamber event at our office. Key Numbers Product Development In […]

August 2023 investor report

September 8, 2023

In August, Swapin team continued to redefine the standards of crypto-to-fiat transactions by offering payments in customers’ names for businesses. The Swapin Dedicated IBANs feature is now available for both our individual and business customers in the European Economic Area (EEA), as well as Switzerland. This update streamlines crypto-to-bank transactions, offering customers crypto-friendly payments raising […]

July 2023 investor report

August 7, 2023

In July we pushed a game-changing update to Swapin’s solutions that will simplify your crypto-to-fiat payments experience. In partnership with Fiat Republic, we are now issuing Dedicated IBANs to individuals who are EEA residents and have Basic or Full verification level, allowing for seamless cryptocurrency withdrawals and payments directly to any bank account. Other main […]

June 2023 investor report

July 5, 2023

In June, Swapin team focused on preparing for a big launch: the Dedicated IBANs feature, planned for July. Additionally, our activities included experimenting with new marketing channels, working on API development, analyzing past activities, and developing a sales and marketing growth plan for Q3. Key Numbers Here are the key growth numbers for June: However, […]

May 2023 investor report

May 2023 investor report

June 6, 2023

May was an outstanding month for Swapin. The MasterCard Lighthouse FINITIV Spring 2023 class is over now, and Swapin won the People’s Choice Award from MasterCard! What a significant recognition for a crypto-based startup and also the first Estonian company to win that award. Also, key numbers like transaction volume and number of transactions were […]