Swapin x Aufort: Enabling Crypto Payments for E-commerce

The idea of boosting E-commerce sales by enabling crypto as a payment method has been around since the dawn of digital assets. The reason there’s been a lack of solutions on the market is that integrating a crypto payment method into your UI is not a simple task, and the legal compliance around crypto and accounting keeps many businesses from taking this step forward.

Aufort Gold is an online metal investing platform that recently overcame those hurdles by adopting SwapinCheckout – a smart payment solution for e-shops and merchants. SwapinCheckout was integrated hassle-free into the Aufort platform, connecting their investment services to quite possibly one of the most promising audiences – crypto holders.

This groundbreaking tool gives Aufort access to several exclusive benefits, the first of which is a smooth, reliable, and fully E-regulation compliant gateway for crypto-to-fiat payments that allows Aufort to accept crypto payments. Another benefit is that those funds are received directly in their bank account after the crypto funds have cleared. 

Here’s how it works: Once a customer is ready to check out and pay for their purchase, SwapinCheckout will appear among all the traditional payment methods like credit cards, Paypal, etc. With SwapinCheckout, customers can pay using crypto such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and more. 

SwapinCheckout provides a wallet address, and once the customer sends the funds there and they clear, the merchant immediately receives the correct amount of euros directly to their corporate bank account without ever having to touch crypto themselves. Swapin handles the entire process of exchanging the crypto for fiat as well as depositing the fiat to a predetermined bank account so that merchants don’t face any accounting hassles. 

Another benefit is that Aufort is protected from market fluctuations as SwapinCheckout automatically adjusts the displayed price on the widget to the current rate and fixes it for 30 minutes. Aufort is guaranteed to receive the exact amount in fiat, while the buyer is also protected because the amount they owe in crypto is fixed for this period of time.

Thanks to Swapin, the company now gains access to a significantly wider audience than previously. Here is what Bert Ken Raudberg, the Founder of Aufort thinks of SwapinCheckout:

A quote by Bert Ken Raudberg

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Swapin for Business Intermediaries: Seizing Opportunities on the Market

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a car dealership, or a small e-commerce shop, Swapin’s B2B-geared solutions are more than capable of handling your business’ needs. With products designed for any size business – Fortune 500 company or local entrepreneur – you can find your own niche and start earning.

Anthony is an entrepreneur with some experience working in real estate and a significant network in the crypto space. He has many friends that own crypto and are willing to invest their digital assets into real assets, such as residential or commercial property.  

Many property owners are reluctant to handle crypto as there is a lack of reliable tools that comply with accounting requirements, but they’re looking to sell their property quickly to the highest bidder. This could easily be a crypto holder looking to purchase a property with their digital assets. Anthony saw this gap, and knew he could fill it. Using SwapinCollect, he can become a highly needed intermediary between property sellers and crypto holders. 

Anthony acts as the go-between in the payment transaction of a property purchase where the buyer prefers to pay in crypto. He started this currently successful business by setting up his own independent “intermediary company” and opening a corporate Swapin account. Let’s see how this works in practice:

Say there’s a property owner looking to sell their house, and the highest potential bidder would like to pay in crypto. The seller normally wouldn’t be willing to accept payment in digital assets, and that’s where Anthony steps in. 

Along with the standard property purchase-sale agreement, Anthony signs an escrow agreement with the property seller which will allow his “intermediary company” to facilitate the payment between the buyer and seller. After the agreement is signed, using SwapinCollect, Anthony issues a unique payment link to the buyer where they can choose which digital asset they would like to pay with for the property. After they’ve selected which crypto to pay with, the system automatically calculates the exchange rate, sets the amount to be paid in crypto, and locks it for 30 minutes. 

The buyer then sends the required amount of crypto and once the funds have cleared on the blockchain, the original agreed-upon amount of fiat is directly deposited into the bank account of Anthony’s “intermediary company”. Next, Anthony will transfer the euro amount to the property seller that was decided under the escrow agreement, while keeping a commission for facilitating the transfer. 

This case is a great example of how thanks to Swapin, the buyer managed to purchase a property by paying with crypto, the seller received euro to their bank account without touching digital assets, and Anthony earned a legal commission for facilitating the payment and acting as an intermediary. A three-win situation, isn’t it?

A quote by Anthony

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Swapin x RE/MAX: Bridging Crypto and Real Estate

No matter what your business is, Swapin’s flexible crypto-to-fiat solutions can take your business to a whole new level by allowing you to accept crypto as a payment method without any of the associated risks and hassles.

Things like the volatility of the market and the hassle with accounting can make businesses reluctant to work with crypto. For a while now, the real estate market has been dipping its toes into the crypto world by allowing properties to be sold for digital assets, but this adoption is slow due to the issues mentioned above.

In spite of these concerns, RE/MAX – an international real estate company – is diving head first into the world of crypto thanks to SwapinCollect, a tool from Swapin that allows buyers to use their digital assets to purchase property, while protecting both sides from market fluctuations. Let’s take a look at how this solution works in practice.

Imagine the seller of a property only wants to accept payments in euro for the property they are selling, but an interested buyer is looking to pay with their Bitcoin. Usually, this would make a sale between the two parties impossible. But with SwapinCollect, the buyer can purchase the property in Bitcoin, while the seller receives the funds in euro immediately to their bank once the transfer is complete.

Using this Swapin feature, the seller sends a unique payment link to the buyer, who then enters the agreed-upon euro amount. The buyer then chooses the cryptocurrency with which they want to pay – in this example, Bitcoin – and SwapinCollect calculates the exact amount in BTC equivalent to the fiat sum. 

After this is done, the buyer receives details on both the exact sum in Bitcoin and the wallet address to which they will transfer it. That BTC/EURO exchange rate is then locked for 30 min so that the buyer doesn’t suffer from any market fluctuations. The seller is also protected because once the funds have been successfully transferred, the agreed-upon amount in euros will hit the seller’s bank account within the next few minutes. It’s that simple!

Ruslan Gulida, the Estonian regional manager of RE/MAX explained how Swapin helped expand his business and grow sales by adding a crypto payment method.

Swapin x RE/MAX partnership

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We are Now Swapin!

Today, we’re changing our name from PiixPay to Swapin.

This is not just a new brand name, it’s also an entirely updated vision of the importance of bridging crypto and traditional finance.

Swapin is a direct reflection of the core mission of any product under our name. Being able to connect fiat and digital funds and make them more convertible by instantly swapping one into the other with no annoying boundaries or limits – this is all that our products are about. 

With our experienced team, investor support, and, most importantly, thousands of satisfied clients – it seems Swapin has everything it needs to confidently take a step forward!

Let’s bridge the gap together

These days, the crypto industry welcomes millions of new adopters yearly. They, just like industry veterans, need a smooth and reliable option to utilize their digital funds as a payment option with no hassle. 

At the same time, dozens of businesses aim to expand their client audience. The consistent lack of a convenient solution to do so is a significant hindrance that stunts their further growth. 

Swapin is here to build a solid bridge between digital assets and the world of traditional finance. We offer seamless crypto-fiat processing solutions for businesses and individuals globally that make spending and accepting crypto easier and more intuitive!

What’s next

For customers, not too much will change. Our logo has changed, along with the website design. You can still access your exact same account using your current email and password – but now via swapin.com. You won’t need a new account. In a few weeks, we will start to redirect piixpay.com to swapin.com.

The main Swapin user experience will soon become even faster and more convenient than before. The core functionality and features remain the same, while we are tirelessly working on new tools and products that are expected to be released later this year. 

We’re pleased that thousands of you already rely on us to help eliminate the gap between crypto and banks, and we are grateful for your continuous support and feedback that helps us move forward.

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